Upcoming Chat (or Chats)

Hi everybody! This Saturday I’ll be hopping into the chat room on my site to discuss my upcoming projects. That means ideally we’ll be talking about The Other Eight, Free-Wrench, my third sci-fi book, and a few other short stories I’ve got in the pipeline. (If the past is any indication, there will also be discussion of such diverse subjects as Miley Cyrus and whatever else crosses the minds of those in attendance. The main chat will start at 9 pm Eastern on Saturday March 8th, and will continue until we all get tired of it.

This will be the second planned chat I’ve had. The last one was a lot of fun and taught me a lot about how to run things. Perhaps the most important lesson was that I’ve got a few fans in timezones that aren’t compatible with a 9 pm Eastern Chat. If you’re eager for a chance to chat with me, but can’t make it at the scheduled time, head over to my contact page and let me know. If there are enough people interested, I’ll try to schedule a second chat for earlier in the day.

Looking forward to chatting!

UPDATE: I’ll be doing two chats. One opening at 2 pm on Saturday and one starting at 9 pm (eastern for each).


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