A New Review, an Approaching Launch, and Picking Brains

I’d like to start by thanking Beth over at Eat, Sleep, Read for her recent review of The Book of Deacon. You can find the review here. I’ve spoken with Beth via email and she expressed interest in conducting an interview, so if and when that goes live, I’ll certainly share it.

UPDATE: The interview is live: http://eatsleepwrite.net/lallointerview

Receiving that great review reminded me of something. April 1st is getting close. As I’ve said before, that’s the day that we’ll see the release of my latest novel, The Other Eight. You can already pre-order it on the iBookstore and Barnes and Noble, but in just a little over two weeks it will be available everywhere. While I’m proud of this novel, I’m also a little nervous. Most of the books you folks have seen from me are at least moderately serious. The Other Eight is fairly comedic. It will be interesting to see how well it is received. For that reason, if you blog book reviews and you’d like a head start on reading the book, I’d appreciate it if you dropped me a line via my contact page. I’ll be glad to send you an advance copy.

A few days ago I realized that I don’t currently have any commissioned art on the way. (At least, not officially. I’ve got some pending requests to artists, but they are stuck in the “either too flaky to ever reply or too busy to reply right now” state that frequently languishes for months.) Now, the lack of a current art project is probably for the best. I don’t know how many of you have any self-employment income, but here in the US the IRS takes quite a bite, so my bank account is crying for mercy right now and it will only get worse… But here’s the deal. I actually have a line in my annual budget for “Art-type stuff that I probably don’t need but really, really want.” Heck, I practically have a separate bank account for it. There’s a fun loophole with this stuff, too. As long as you folks like the art I buy for the books, and you talk about the art I buy for the books, then it counts as promotion and I can write it off. (The fact that most of the stuff I’ve commissioned doubles as potential merchandise prototypes is useful too.)

So here’s the question. It’s one I’ve asked before and will probably ask again. Is there any art for the books you’d like to see? Right now I’m leaning toward something digital, since I’m still finagling my living room to display the doodads I’ve got. Likewise, are there any artists you’d like to recommend. I’m not a big shot author yet, but I’m always willing to write an email and see if people are interested.

While I’m picking your brains, here’s another thing. Last Saturday I ran a few chats here at the site. I didn’t have quite the attendance I did last time, but I’m willing to imagine that is due to the relatively short notice. The chat was broken up into three parts, which you can find over on the transcript page. I’ll do another chat one of these days. I likewise just put up a character interview with the second most popular non-Book of Deacon character I’ve got, Ma the AI.

Is there any other side stuff like chats and character interviews you’d like to see? If so, speak up! I’ll be glad to give something new a try, if it is within my abilities.

That’s it for today. Thanks!


    1. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the story. I’m not sure where the story will continue, but there’s definitely more from the Book of Deacon setting on the way.

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