Apple promotes free series starters (like me!)

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Say… I’VE got a series!

I’m astounded to report that once again I’ve blipped onto Apple’s radar! Users of iDevices might have noticed a little banner promoting FIRST IN A SERIES. (If you missed it, it’s right up there in the post.) This is an international promotion celebrating folks who offer the first book of their series for free. Now, I personally do that twice–once for The Book of Deacon and again for Bypass Gemini. Apple has been kind enough to promote both of these books!

Apple has repeatedly surprised me by crafting promotions that actually push little ol’ indies like me. Amazon is a fine retailer, but time and time again it has been Apple who has given me and those like me a leg up. I thank them for their dedication to authors of all levels, and I hope that this promotion is a huge success for them. The fact that such would mean it was a huge success for me is just a happy coincidence, I assure you.

If you haven’t already picked up both of my free books, now would be a great time to do it. You should also check out the other books featured in the promotion. They’re a great group, and more than a few of them are fellow Smashwords authors.

Thanks for reading!


  1. WHY OH WHY? The constant detail of battle and emotion. Too much. Never ending to the point of asking “what is the point???!!!” For the love of Pete please get to the point and back to the %#@#%#@ story! The Rocky episodes of his never ending bouts of pain and punishment, all the waaaaay to the finish can explain more than I could….

    1. If I’m interpreting your comment correctly, you weren’t overly fond with the pace of The Rise of the Red Shadow. Sorry about that. I do have a tendency to use ten words when one will do.

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