Free-Wrench Limited Release

Hi everybody!

A while back you might have noticed me yammering about a steampunk novel I was writing called Free-Wrench. Then you might have noticed that I completely stopped talking about it. This was partially because my previously completed and then lengthily shelved superhero novel The Other Eight was the next book I was prepping for release. The time has come to reveal the other reason I’ve been sitting on Free-Wrench.

As many of you know, I’ve been working with the folks behind the excellent site StoryBundle since the very beginning. Each and every currently released book of mine has made an appearance in a bundle, and when I was planning to do a steampunk novel for NaNoWriMo, I spoke to them about whether they would be interested in bundling it when complete. That conversation evolved into this crazy idea about doing a dedicated NaNoWriMo bundle. Well, the bundle is more or less solidified, and while I can’t reveal all of the details I can say with some confidence that it will be happening in just a few weeks.

Why should you care? Well, besides the usual benefits that come along with StoryBundle–namely a pile of great books available at a price of your choosing–I’m going to be doing a little experiment this time around. Free-Wrench is going to debut in the bundle as part of a limited release. That’s right. For the two weeks that the bundle is running, it will be the only place you can buy Free-Wrench. During the bundle I’ll start pre-orders through Smashwords, and once the bundle is over Free-Wrench will vanish back into the vault until the official release date, which will probably be sometime this summer. For those of you who haven’t picked up The Other Eight (and based on the sales numbers, that’s most of you), it’ll be available in the bundle as a bonus! Two brand-spanking new Joseph Lallo novels, each less than two months old, for one low price! WHO CAN RESIST SUCH SAVINGS!?

In other news, I’ve actually been asked to visit New Jersey Institute of Technology to speak to some students about how to make it in the world of business. Aside from revealing that my college is laboring under the flawed assumption that I actually know how to make it in the world of business, this means I’m going to be in a semi-public place at a specific time! If you’re a student at NJIT–or in the Newark, NJ area–and you’d like to meet me, send me an email or tweet at me (@jrlallo) and I’ll see if we can make that happen. Unfortunately, I’ve come and gone. Maybe next time!

Before we wrap this up, I’d like to announce a little offer I’d like to make. If any of you good people are bloggers, or just the sort of people who like to write reviews on Amazon or other stores, let me know! I don’t usually solicit reviews, but for the bundles it helps to have a few. One of my books isn’t out yet, and the other one has only been out for a little while, so reviews are hard to come by. If you’re interested in writing a review of one or both of the to-be-bundled books, let me know and I’ll hook you up with a copy of each. For the first few people to contact me, I’ll even hook you up with a free copy of the StoryBundle! So send me an email and we’ll chat about it!

Thanks for reading!


    1. Whichever you like! The Other Eight is already out, so that one might be a good choice just because you’ll be able to do a review on one of the storefronts, but either one is fine by me. Much obliged!

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