The Bundle So Far and the Fate of Between

Hi there, folks! I just wanted to post a little update here. First off, if you haven’t picked up the Sci-Fi/Fantasy NaNo Bundle yet, you’ve still got time! It’s been doing really well, I’m proud to say. So well, in fact, that even though I don’t officially release Free-Wrench until July, the money it has earned in this bundle has already covered the cost to have it edited and to have the cover illustrated, so THANKS!

Speaking of illustrations, I was on sort of an illustration frenzy recently. Good art takes time, so most of the commissions I’ve paid for are still in the pipeline, but here’s one that’s finished! I’m linking it to the original post, partially because he deserves the hit on the image (though I’d naturally include the link with the image), and partially because the original file would need to be re-sized to fit within my site’s upload size, and to heck with that! (For now.) This was a fun commission. Those of you who have ever been commissioned from me will know that Plan A is frequently “check out my current art page and pick a character to draw.” Plan B is me choosing who you should draw. Most artists have preferred to be told, but Jay (aka Robo-Shark) was not only willing to pick one, he was willing to keep it a secret! His choice turned out to be the much beloved Water Master of Entwell, Calypso the Mermaid. He chose her because he likes underwater scenes and because she doesn’t seem to have much fan art. I love how it came out, and another surprise piece is on the way!

Finally, some of you may have noticed there was no Between this week. If you did notice, thanks for noticing! If you didn’t, well, there wasn’t one. Much as I’ve been enjoying the weekly challenge of getting that posted, my friend and inspiration for Desmeres had a typically pragmatic observation. If I’m writing a few thousand words for Between every week, that means I’m writing a few thousand less words for Sci-Fi 3. Now, this isn’t entirely true, because it takes much more time to write a few thousand words of sci-fi, since it has to mesh with everything that came before it and will come after it, and the characters have established personalities and histories, but his point is valid nonetheless. I believe his reason for rather aggressively advising that I shift back to sci-fi is related to the fact that I’ll be selling that one instead of giving it away like Between, but I chose to actually ditch Between for now and focus on Sci-Fi 3 because people have been patiently waiting for it for far longer than is acceptable, so I really oughtn’t dilly dally.

I suppose I’ll conclude this with a little bit of news on the stuff I keep forgetting is in the works. A short story of mine called “Seeking the Shadow” is a step closer to being released, as the previous book by the same publisher just went to press. That means before too long there may be a Kickstarter for it which I’ll be able to point you toward. While technically it is the second Kickstarter to in someway involve me, I’m strangely excited about this one.

Anyway, that’s my boring rambly post for today. Thanks for reading!

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