Help Me Sneak Book of Deacon into a Game!

Okay, maybe sneak isn’t the right word since I’m doing it out in the open here on the internet. But here’s the deal. A while back, I backed a game from the Double Fine crew called Massive Chalice. If you’re not familiar with it, follow that link and watch the video. It’s an awesome idea for a game involving an immortal king raising and guiding an army for generations to hold back a terrible demon hoard. It’s a turn based tactics game with some simulation mixed in, and I am VERY MUCH looking forward to it.

Here’s the cool part. Since I’m a “Bloodline Backer”, I get to design one of the many, many bloodlines in the game. I think it is only fitting that I do something from The Book of Deacon. Here’s what I came up with so far. What do you guys think?

BloodlineEditorIf you can’t see it, here’s what we’ve got so far.

  • House Color: White
  • Secondary Color: Blue
  • Sigil: The Mark of the Chosen
  • Bloodline Name: Celeste
  • Keep Name: New Kenvard
  • Male: Deacon
  • Female: Myranda
  • Motto: ???
  • Battle Cry: ???

You’ll notice I haven’t got a Motto or Battle Cry. I’ll be trying to think of one for the next few days, but I figure this is a good job for the fans! Anyone out there have a motto or battle cry that you think is appropriate for Myranda or the Chosen, let me know! If I like your idea better than anything I come up with, you’ll win… something. I don’t know what. Some sort of prize. Free books, if you don’t already have all of my stuff. Maybe an autographed book if you do have all of my stuff.

So feel free to email me, tweet me, or sign up and comment here on the site.

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