Oops! Nevermind…

So it turns out my little dream of having my characters show up as an Easter egg in an awesome game is not to be. The Devs nixed all copyrighted characters, including those which the designers of the Bloodline owns. They say that it is a little too much like me advertising in their game. While I wasn’t intending that, I can certainly see why they would feel that way. I wouldn’t want KFC backing the game just to create a Col. Sanders Bloodline.

I’m unreasonably bummed out about his. It seems like any time The Book of Deacon is in any way exposed to legitimate business, the result is rejection. NO MATTER! I shall soldier on! Rather than including characters that I and my fans know and love, I shall create characters which definitively have NO MEANING OR BACK STORY. The way I figure it, if I come up with a back story, then the characters are therefore characters in a Joseph R. Lallo story, and we’re back to the same old problem. I can’t really make them interesting, because I know me, and if I do that I’ll end up writing a story about them and then we’re dealing with the same problem retroactively.

However, I’d like to haveĀ some semblance of the setting and characters that I care about, so in the spirit of compromise I have created this new bloodline, which obliquely references the Book of Deacon, but in a way that would only be truly obvious if A: You’d already read the books and B: You knew a GREAT DEAL about parts of the book that were changed or discarded. I think we can all agree that would be a pretty awful way to advertise, which I hope would illustrate my intentions are pure.


And once again I present you good folks with the chance to make a selection.

Sigil A: (shown above as well)

Sigil 1


Or Sigil B:

Sigil 2