Work in Progress (WIP) Blog Tour

I believe this is the first time I’ve ever been tagged in one of these blog tour type things. A little while ago fellow author M.L. LeGette tagged me for something called the WIP tour. The rules are simple. You link back to the person who tagged you. Done. Let’s see… Next, write a little about my upcoming novel.

Well, it’s the third book in the Big Sigma series, starring Lex, Michella, and all your favorites–unless you’ve never read the first two, in which case it features a bunch of strangers. It takes place about six months after the end of the previous book, with Michella’s journalistic career continuing to blossom and Lex’s various careers failing to do likewise. Shortly after we join our heroes, they find that someone seems to have something against them, because they start to face friction from every conceivable angle. It hits Lex particularly hard, costing him not one but two jobs. Meanwhile Michella’s trademark hard-hitting journalism is declawed by the management. Not one to be stymied by the powers that be deciding she needs to keep a low profile, Michella tracks down a ridiculous story about extraterrestrials. The bosses love it because it’s the kind of harmless story that won’t cause any waves. Michella likes it because it happens to be right near where her meatier story needs her to be. Naturally, once they get there, the truth takes them in directions they never could have predicted.

Right. So now I have to write the first sentence of the first three chapters. easy enough.


The darker the corner, the nastier the things that hide there.

Chapter 1

Certain jobs just weren’t meant to be done by humans.

Chapter 2

Near an icy, dim planet that had not attracted enough interest from the rest of the galaxy to earn a name, Silo and Garotte were working surveillance.

Well, at least that last one had some meat on it, huh? Okay, what’s left. … I have to pick four authors to tag. Hmm…

How about Lindsay BurokerCharlotte E. English, Terah Edun, and Nicholas Kahler. (That last one’s sneaky. You’ll find out why eventually.) No pressure, folks!

Okay, hope that does justice to the Blog Tour.


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