The Return of Between!

Very few people seemed to have an opinion on Between, my weekly serial project that I created to use all of the ideas I considered too bad to use elsewhere, but I really liked the idea of a project with a rapid turnaround. Keeping to a schedule is something I’ve never been great at, so doing a weekly project and having readers be able to chat with me about how it is developing seemed like a good way to work on that.

You can read chapter 9 of the story on Wattpad by clicking here. In the past I’ve also posted them here on the site, but since I don’t update my site every week, I felt it might bury the news posts pretty quickly, so right now it’s just on Wattpad. If you think I should toss it up here, then I’ll do that too.

I also wrapped up the first eight chapters into a quick and dirty ebook to share with some of my beta readers, and that seemed to work pretty well, so I might collect up story arcs and make them into books to give away as newsletter perks or something. We’ll see.

The plus side of making that ebook, though, is the fact that it earned me some fun fan art, and inspired me to get a cover done. The cover is still in the process of being created, but here’s the fan art. Rill and the Overseer by CatseaTheDevil!

overseer_by_catseathedevil-d7xmsnz rill_by_catseathedevil-d7xmho7

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