NYCC, NaNoWriMo, and lots of other letters


Whoa, it’s the middle of October. You know what that means? It means NaNoWriMo is knocking on my door! This is my first NaNoWriMo in which I am a full time writer, and oddly the first one since I started that I’d considered skipping. I’ve got a lot of stuff stewing and simmering on various burners of the figurative stovetop, and wasn’t sure I’d be able to justify moving one of them to the back in order to dive into NaNo. However, after a bit of discussion and consideration, I think it’s safe to say I’m willing to give it a go.

Now the question is, what story do I write? Below is a list of some possible projects that are floating around in my head:

  • A Zombie Story
  • Free-Wrench 2
  • The Other Eight 2

Last year there were a few additional things on the list, like Urban Fantasy. I suppose I’m still willing to give that a go, but now that I’m Mr. Fancypants Professional Author-Type person it is becoming steadily more clear to me that I need to focus a little tighter on the stuff that actually earns me money, at least until I can be relatively sure that I can juggle money making stuff and experimental stuff.

As before, I’m interested in what you folks think I would write next. If the past is any indication, whatever I write will be made available some time next year. Because of their short length, NaNoWriMo books have a very short turnaround. So take a pick, vote for your favorite choice, or maybe make your own suggestion. You can comment or email me at jr*****@bo**********.com. After about a week I’ll make a choice and start the outlining process. Fun!


For those of you on the East Coast, you probably already know this, but the New York Comic Con just passed! It struck me, about halfway through the last day, that I probably should have, you know, mentioned here on my blog that I’d be attending. But you know what? It turns out it didn’t matter, because I met fans anyway! FOUR OF THEM. (Yeah, yeah, big whoop, single digits.) It was really awesome to meet you folks, and even more awesome considering I didn’t have a booth or anything. All four of these fans had to hunt me down (or in one notable case, run into me completely by chance). I even got a picture with one! I also took a bunch of pictures and got to talk to my favorite animator, Bill Plympton, for a while. Super neato!

Despite all of the great stuff I saw and did, the weirdest thing of all was the fact I took a snapshot of a guy dressed as Geoffrey Peterson (Craig Ferguson’s Robot Sidekick) and tweeted it to him… ONLY TO BE RETWEETED! It was promptly favorited and retweeted hundreds of times. So there you have it. Almost five years of doing my best to be the best writer I can be, and my biggest splash ever is a blurry photo of a guy pretending to be a robot skeleton.

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