iBooks Best of 2014

Way back in July I was honored to have one of my novels, Free-Wrench, selected as one of the Best Books of the Month in the AU/NZ iBooks Stores. It earned me some wonderful distinctions, including an editorial blurb and a place in the promotion beside some authors with which I never would have dreamed of sharing the spotlight. Today I am doubly honored, because I have learned that Free-Wrench has earned a place among the iBooks Best of 2014! Free-Wrench is prominently featured in their Sci-Fi and Fantasy category beside brilliant authors like Joe Abercrombie! This promotion celebrates not only the best books, but the best music, apps, podcasts, movies, and TV shows from iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store. It’s unreal to be included in such a group!


Click for AU/NZ Promo link!

Can you believe it! It is so thrilling to know that half a world away my books have touched the hearts and minds of so many. I’ve heard from many readers in Australia and New Zealand since I was first featured, and the reviews have been wonderful. If you are in Australia or New Zealand, you can find the iBooks Best of 2014 here. If you’re from my side of the world, here’s the stateside iBooks link, or you can click the cover below!


Perhaps the most wonderful thing about this is the knowledge that all of you who voted for this year’s NaNoWriMo project had excellent taste, because Free-Wrench 2 (that’s a working title, still choosing the final name) was completed ten days ago and will be available next year!



Once again I’d like to thank the fantastic iBooks Team for their support. I feel blessed.

As always, thanks for reading.