Artificial Evolution Officially Released!

Hi everybody! After a lengthy pre-order period, the wait is over! Artificial Evolution, the third book in my Big Sigma series, has finally released!

Look out. Michella means business.

I’m very proud of this book. It is one of my longest to date, and it brings back all of your favorite characters from its predecessor, Unstable Prototypes. The story picks up a few months after the previous story left off. Michella’s career has continued to blossom, Lex’s career has continued to stagnate, and Garotte and Silo have continued their campaign against the Neo-Luddites. Life has continued pretty much as expected, but things change when a representative of VectorCorp starts meddling with the lives and livelihoods of both Lex and Michella. The intrepid reporter hatches a plan to continue covering the Neo-Luddite story despite pressure from her superiors, and in doing so finds that she’s become involved in something even larger and more dangerous.

Unstable Prototypes was a story focused on exploring Ma and Karter as characters in addition to Lex and his adventures. This time around our focus is shifted a bit to Silo and Garotte, and as you can see by the cover Michella gets to mix it up a bit as well. As you read, you’ll discover that the events of the first two books are more tightly connected than it first appeared. I really hope you’ll like the story. Those of you who pre-ordered should already have the book, and those of you who didn’t can order now! Links are below.

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Thanks for reading!