Five Years in Self-Publishing and Other News

Five Years

Then and Now
Then and Now

Yeah, I know. I can’t believe it either, but as of this morning I’ve been self-publishing for FIVE YEARS. The Book of Deacon (which is the namesake of this site and the thing that paid for my HOUSE) was published January 28th, 2010. That was the day after my 27th birthday, by the way, so do the math and you know how old I am.

Did I think five years ago that by 2015 I would be chugging along as a professional author? Not at all. Ask my friends. My highest goal for my books at that time was “I hope this doesn’t somehow ruin my life.” So, mission accomplished on that! To be perfectly honest, if I’d not written the Book of Deacon trilogy in its entirety before publishing the first book, I might never have continued the series. I recently ran the numbers and in 2010 I sold a grand total of 9 books. It wasn’t an encouraging start. But I’d already written the others, so there was no reason not to publish them. And hey, I wrote them because I enjoyed writing, not because I wanted to get rich.

In the four years since 2010, a lot has changed. I’ve got ten books personally published,and an eleventh on pre-order, plus enough in the pipeline that I’m actually starting to lose track of them! (That’s bad. Must get organized.) I have sold a total of more than 235,000 ebooks via Amazon and Smashwords. That doesn’t even count the tens of thousands of copies that I’ve sold via semi-pro methods like StoryBundle and multi-author books I didn’t publish personally. Pile on top of that the nearly 700,000 people who have downloaded my books for free and that makes just about 1,000,000 times that someone looked at one of my books, shrugged, and said “Why not?”

For all of this, I have many people to thank. I’d like to thank the friends who have relentlessly hounded me into making virtually every good book decision I’ve made, going all the way back to the decision to foist them onto an unsuspecting public. Sean, Cary, Chrissy, and the rest, I tip my hat to you. There’s also the early readers who contacted me and gave me the confidence to keep writing. Karen and Alicia, I’m looking at you! There are the spectacular artists I’ve worked with: Nick, Aimee, Jay, Bri,  and Adam to name just a few. We can’t forget the fan artists like Katie and Lily who blow my mind each and every time one of my characters or stories inspires them to draw something I could never hope to create on my own. I’d like to thank Gary for being a part of the nonsense schoolyard game that would eventually mutate into these stories. I can’t forget the business folk like Jason and Mark who took their chances with me to help promote and sell my stuff.

There are so many more than I’m sure I’m forgetting, but most of all I would like to thank the hundreds of thousands of readers who have read my books, and the dozens who have enjoyed them. (I kid. It is more than that… hopefully.)

But I’m sure you don’t visit this site hoping to read my incredulous musings about my book career. You want to read about what I’ve been writing! So let’s get down to the good stuff, shall we?


In what might be my fastest turnaround for a book EVER, the story I wrote in November of 2014 is going to be available (if nothing goes wrong) on March 26th, 2015. You can actually pre-order it now!


Cover, as always, by Nick Deligaris
Cover, as always, by Nick Deligaris

This is the sequel to Free-Wrench. It is a steampunk adventure telling the continued story of… actually, I’ll just plop the blurb in here:

It has taken some adjustment, but Nita Graus has made quite a home for herself among the crew of the Wind Breaker. Under her skillful care it has become one of the only airships to stay aloft without the continuous repair and oversight of the vile and manipulative fug folk. Word of her adventures with Captain Mack, Gunner, Lil, Cooper, and Wink has made the whole crew into living legends among the residents of the mountain towns of Rim, but in doing so it has also made finding safe harbor virtually impossible. Agents of the fug folk and those working on their behalf hide in every cloud and skulk in every shadow.

Only one town, a place called Lock, is willing to welcome the Wind Breaker into port. Most of the townspeople have already been shunned by the Fug Folk, and as such have little to lose in aiding and abetting the crew. Captain Mack, mindful of his advancing age and the risks he’s had to request of his crew time and time again, has begun to plan for his retirement. Plans are swiftly derailed when the fug folk hatch a plan of their own, splitting the crew and locking Nita away in the floating prison known as Skykeep.

Skykeep is the second book in the Free-Wrench saga and continues to chronicle the adventures of Nita and her new crew as they continue to clash with the twisted figures who control the destiny of a continent.

Sound good? I sure hope so. You can pre-order it at the usual places, including on iBooks, Amazon, B&N, and Kobo (soon). NEAT!

More Projects

January Patreon - Joseph - small
Art by Bri Mercedes

Since I can’t afford to lose track of a whole book and have it flounder for years without being published (again), here’s a list of other projects that are underway, and approximately how far along they are.

Seeking the Shadow (100% written, awaiting publication in Blackguards Anthology)

Untitled Ayna Origin Story (100% written, in editing and revision)

Untitled Desmeres Serial (Chapter 1 of ? 95% written)

Untitled Book of Deacon Sequel (30% written)

Untitled Entwell Project (10% written)

Untitled Big Sigma 4 (planning phase)

Untitled Myn Children’s Book (planning phase)

Untitled Second Trilogy (30% written, requiring major rewrite)

Weird Nothing (100% written, awaiting rewrite and illustration)



  1. Hi Joseph,

    I just popped in to let you know that I absolutely loved The Book of Deacon!
    I read the ebook version you have posted for free and after two days, I finished it and ordered the paperback copies of all three books! I also grabbed the paperback of the Rise of the Red Shadow. I will be spending my weekend immersed in your fantastic world! I plan to buy Jade as well, but waiting to see if you are going to make it a paperback.
    Thank you for writing your stories!

    1. Thanks! I believe I saw your post over on my facebook fan page. I hope you enjoy the full story. Jade WILL be available for paperback purchase, but probably not until next year.

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