NYCC and The D’Karon Apprentice

Once again I will be attending the New York Comic Con at Jacob Javits Center in New York City. I’ve been going since roundabout 2010, I believe. Last year I was lucky enough to meet four fans, and that was with barely a heads-up to folks about where they could find me. This time I’m going to try a little harder to arrange a place to meet, but only if there are people who want to meet me.

The convention is sold out, and has been for a while, so if you don’t already have tickets I’m afraid you won’t be able to get in. Those of you who do have tickets, however, speak up! If you would like to meet me, let me know. Last year I lingered in Artist’s Alley for much of one day. This time I’d narrow it down even more, and maybe even sort of flash-mob an artist I know who will be attending.

As for those of you who don’t have tickets, but will be in Manhattan on Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday, I’m sure I could see my way clear to wandering out of the building for an hour or two to try and meet folks elsewhere. Again, however, that will only happen if people are interested. I don’t know if you’ve ever made plans to show up someplace to meet people only to discover that literally no one actually showed up, but I have, and it’s not a nice feeling. At the show there will be plenty of stuff to see and do, so a lack of turnout for me won’t be so bad. If I wander out to a bar with my whole convention rig and then just nurse a diet coke and look anxiously to the door for an hour, on the other hand? That’ll stick with me for a while.

Let’s see… what else should I be talking about… Oh yeah!

The D’Karon Apprentice is a month away!

That’s right, after a long, long time, the next book in the Book of Deacon series is finally on the way. This isn’t a prequel. This isn’t a short story or a collection. This is a brand spanking new tale that comes shortly after The Battle of Verril. If you’re on iBooks, you’ll be getting it a week early, Nov. 2nd. The rest of the world will get it Nov. 10th. Review copies are in the hands of some lucky subscribers to my newsletter, and the sprinkling of early opinions seem to be fairly positive (except for the two typos that they’ve found, which will be fixed in the final release).

If you want to guarantee you have it on release day, there are plenty of places to pre-order, including Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and Google Play.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

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