The D’Karon Apprentice Launch Week

Ladies and Gentlemen, if I seem a little frazzled, it’s because I’m dead center in a week that is threatening to drive me utterly insane in the best possible way. What’s the source of the madness? All of the festivities surrounding the long awaited release of the next Book of Deacon story The D’Karon Apprentice. Let’s take a look at what’s cooking.

iBooks Exclusive Early Release

The first and most important of the promos is this one. If you’re an iBooks user and a Book of Deacon fan, you may be reading The D’Karon Apprentice right now! That’s because I worked out a deal to release the story a week early on iBooks, and they’ve been kind enough to mark the occasion with some promotional goodness. If you were to check out the sci-fi/fantasy section of that store, you’d see this.

iBooks Banner

How cool is that!? My deepest thanks to Apple for the feature. And even deeper are my thanks to you, because it was the pre-orders of fans like yourselves that got The D’Karon Apprentice into the top 10 on the sci-fi/fantasy list on launch day. You can naturally still find the book on iBooks if you’ve not picked it up, and it’ll be available everywhere else on November 10th.

Three for two sale on Kobo

In another astounding turn of events, Kobo and Smashwords have partnered on a 200 title, 159 author sale and they have selected me to be a part of it. The Book of Deacon Anthology, which contains just about every Book of Deacon story except The D’Karon Apprentice, is the book they’d selected. You can find the full list of books for sale here, and my specific page is here. If Kobo is your supplier, this is a great chance to stock up on quality reads.

NaNoWriMo once again

And finally, that month is upon us again! I’m writing another Free-Wrench novel. This one’s called Ichor Well, and I’m about 20,000 words in. That should be just shy of halfway finished. I don’t suspect I’ve paced it correctly, so it probably is going to overshoot the 50,000 word intention. Big surprise, huh? Anyway, if you’d like to follow along with me, my NaNoWriMo page his here.

That about does it for today, but I’ll have another post soon, because I’ve still got the official release coming up, plus some goodies to share. Until then, thanks for reading!

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