A Very Merry Temporal Contingency Pre-Order


This has been a curious month for me. After NaNoWriMo, in which I wrote 50,000+ words in a third Free-Wrench novel, I’ve taken a few weeks to handle some book biz and smaller projects. I had a great big release for The D’Karon Apprentice (thanks for reading it!), I released a German translation of The Book of Deacon which became one of the top 100 books on Amazon.de for nearly a month, and loads of other stuff. And now, on Christmas Eve, what do I find myself doing? Revealing what’s been lurking in the background that whole time.



Temporal Contingency, the fourth book in the Big Sigma Series, is available for pre-order on AmazoniBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Google Play. It is in the hands of beta readers right now, and I’ve decided it’ll be available March 24th, 2016. The character on the cover is Ziva, and if you’ve really obsessively followed the fan art and commissions I’ve received over the years, you probably have an idea of who she is. As always, the art is by Nick Deligaris, and the visual design of the character is by Lily Coyne.

Here’s the blurb:

Temporal Contingency is the fourth book in the Big Sigma Series.

Trevor “Lex” Alexander’s life has been less than blessed. In the past year he’s had to battle corrupt corporations, deranged techno-terrorists, and a robotic scourge. Now he’s received the opportunity to finally return to the racing career that had been cut short by some poor decisions. One could excuse him for not wanting to be embroiled in another insane adventure when he is so close to returning to his life’s calling. Sometimes the call of duty will not be denied.

Karter Dee, a certified lunatic responsible for many of Lex’s recent woes, has discovered a threat on an unprecedented scale. He and Ma, his AI caretaker, know their plan to solve the problem will take a special mixture of competence, improvisation, and disregard for personal safety. Reluctance aside, Lex is the only man for the job. Even with the skilled pilot on the team, the scope of the problem has grown so massive that it may be unsolvable in its current state. Some would consider the situation hopeless, but any good engineer knows if you can’t find a solution, you have to change the problem.

To give human society a chance at a future, Lex, Karter, and Ma, will have to venture into the past.

Sound good? I sure hope so! And to coincide with this announcement is another fun thing. Big Sigma is finally available in paperback!


You can find them all together with the Kindle editions on Amazon and the Nook editions on Barnes and Noble too! And stay tuned, because I’ll be taking orders for autographed copies at some point!

If I don’t do a fresh post tomorrow, have a Merry Merry and a Happy Happy! And thanks for reading!

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