Possible Future Merch!

Yeah, I know, I’m always talking about making merchandise. But this time I’m serious! Many of you folks will remember Leilia’s Clay Creations, creator of the following beautiful additions to my collection of wonderful things:


Now, there’s a funny thing about figurines. Having one made costs on the order of a few hundred dollars. Having two made is really hard, because most sculptors don’t want to make the same thing twice, and having things molded and cast requires all sorts of other limitations and costs and the like. Also, when people think about figurines, they more or less think about mass produced ones, which cost a few bucks a piece because they are churned out of a factory by the thousand that has set up costs in the tens of thousands of dollars. So figurines of like these of my characters that you can buy? Not terribly likely in the short term.

But pendants? They’re itty bitty, they mold and cast easy, and they can be just as cute. I present exhibits A and B (with hand for reference).


CUTE! Each of these is hand sculpted, cast in small batches, and hand painted. That’s downright artisanal! 

So, now for the big questions.

Let’s assume that you could get one of these adorable doodads for $10 for an unpainted one (you paint it yourself) or $30 for a painted one. Would you want one? And would you want Myn or Squee?

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