The Lone Wolf Anthology

A Dark Fantasy Story Collection

Check it out, a new, Amazon Exclusive book featuring some Book of Deacon lore!

A while back, a fellow author named Derek Siddoway approached me to make a pair of contributions to an anthology of short stories he was putting together. He was calling it The Lone Wolf Anthology, and thus the theme of the anthology should be pretty easy to figure out. This one’s all about characters who prefer to work alone.

It’s a pretty darn good lineup, so before I talk about my contribution, look at the authors in this thing, here paired up with their most famous series:

  • Introduction by Michael Fletcher (Manifest Delusions)
  • Ben Galley (Emaneska, The Scarlet Star Trilogy)
  • Derek Alan Siddoway (Teutevar Saga)
  • James Downe (Legacy of Ash)
  • Joseph R. Lallo (The Book of Deacon)
  • Jeffrey Poole (Tales of Lentari, Bakkian Chronicles)
  • Timandra Whitecastle (The Living Blade)
  • Michael D. LeFevre (Ghost of the Black Bull)
  • Damon J. Courtney (Dragon Bond)

Nice, huh? It seemed like it would be a fun project, so I put some thought into it and asked a few fans. Naturally one character in particular comes to mind when one uses the phrase “lone wolf” in my stories… though maybe “lone fox” would make more sense. Alas, Lain is still slotted for a few LONGER stories, so I felt the short should focus on someone who has never had the spotlight. Thus, a character which is technically named Rasa but is known by some fans as “The Frozen Chosen” got his moment to shine. I call the story The Rules of the Game.

However, I was asked to write two stories. For the second one, I decided to adapt one of those famous “Bad Idea Exercises” that had clogged my brain for far too long. Originally it was an idea slated for Ivy, but trying to work it into one of the other stories really felt like it was a stretch, so I set it aside. Now it is a standalone story with a musical twist that I call The Dwarfendam Run.

Both are short stories, somewhere in the 8,000 to 10,000 word range, and they join a host of other great tales. Right now the book is available exclusively on Amazon¬†and you can read it for free if you’ve got access to Kindle Unlimited, so check it out!

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