Book of Deacon 5 and Structophis!

The Crescents

The fifth book in the Book of Deacon main series is available now!

You can buy The Crescents wherever you buy eBooks now!

Cover, as always, by Nick Deligaris.

As you may have noticed, the way I usually do releases is a nice long pre-order followed by a launch day flurry of activity. A few days ago, I popped onto twitter and asked when people would like to see the new Book of Deacon story roll out. Just about everyone who replied had the same answer. Monday.

Far be it from me to disappoint.

And so, The Book of Deacon 5, The Crescents, is available now! Since the Book of Deacon series is a little tough to follow in terms of reading order, I’ll clarify where this one lies. It is a few months after The D’Karon Apprentice (Book of Deacon 4) and many, many decades before Jade. You can find the full reading order for the series here. Who knows maybe you’ve missed some!

I took this story in a different direction than many may have anticipated, but hopefully you’ll still enjoy it! Here’s the blurb:

In a place untouched by the Perpetual War, a new conflict threatens to ignite.

Generations of war have been put to rest. The D’Karon scourge has been wiped away. All that remains for Myranda, Deacon, and the other Chosen is the long, slow road to recovery for their weakened kingdom. It is no small task, as dark magic has taken a terrible toll on the land. Crops struggle to grow. The scars of war are slow to fade. But from across the sea comes hope.

The haughty King Mellawin presides over the kingdom of Sonril. His people, the elves of South Crescent, have grown concerned with their place in history. Fate left the prophesy in the hands of the mortals of Tressor and the Northern Alliance. And now the legendary unseen tormentors from North Crescent, the Aluall, have spilled the blood of their people. Mindful that his subjects have come to doubt him, King Mellawin comes to the Northern Alliance with an offer. In exchange for the service of the Chosen, he shall provide a treatment to heal the land.

Myranda, Deacon, Ivy, Myn and the others shall be the first of their people to set foot on the Crescents since before the Perpetual War… Or so they believe. But what they find there will reveal long-hidden secrets of their history, and threats they could never have imagined.

The Crescents is the fifth epic entry in The Book of Deacon Saga, from Joseph R. Lallo, author of the Big Sigma series and Free-Wrench.

Enjoy the story! I’m already working hard on two additional stories in the setting.


Remember that weird story about a Pizza Dragon? It is no longer exclusive!


Get it now in all the usual places!

Some of you may recall this bizarre little story. It was my first experiment in putting a story in Kindle Unlimited. I knew it was a long shot that it would do well there. This is Young Adult (young adults don’t do their own shopping) and it is a niche genre (the mainstream isn’t clamoring for Pizza Dragons). That, as the folks in the book marketing biz would say, is a story that was not “written to the market” and thus isn’t known for succeeding in KU.

Surprise, surprise, it didn’t succeed in KU. It did okay, but not okay enough to continue to exclude the significant portion of my audience that doesn’t shop for their books on Amazon. Today, that has been corrected. If you’d like to know about Blodgette the Pizza Dragon (Structophis Gastrignae), pick it up and enjoy! And if you like the character design, go check out ProjectENDO, who created it! If you like the cover, that’s anti-dark-heart.

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