Free-Wrench Collection

Hi folks! Look what I’ve got! A pre-order for Free-Wrench Collection: Volume 1, which comes out January 15th!

The gorgeous cover is, as always, by Nick Deligaris.  And the original design of the wrench is courtesy of Viistar.

If you’ve paid close attention to how my releases work. you’ve probably been expecting this for quite some time. When I write a fourth book in a series, that means it’s time to include the first three in a collection, so folks don’t have to buy a stack of books to understand where the story has come from and where it is going. It’s happened with The Book of Deacon and Big Sigma. Now Free-Wrench gets its turn.

If you’re not familiar with the series, it’s my take on Steampunk. The story follows Nita Graus, an engineer from an idyllic island nation, Caldera. She leaves her home aboard Wind Breaker, an airship with an assortment of misfits who trade goods back and forth between Caldera and the mainland, a place called Rim. The continent has been blanketed by a toxic “fug” which has forced most people into the mountains to survive. A whole twisted race of people altered by the fug, known as the fug folk, have got the surface dwellers on a short leash. The series is largely about Nita and the crew attempting to break that leash.

In this collection, you get the first three books, Free-Wrench, Skykeep, and Ichor Well. They lead nicely to the fourth book (released earlier this  year) called The Calderan Problem. Previously, the collections have also included some short stories that weren’t available individually. I’m not doing that this time. Why? Because I will just be making the short stories available individually! It struck me that making people buy the collection to get the short stuff was silly if they were already fans, and making them wait until the stories became newsletter perks wasn’t much better! So expect to see some Free-Wrench shorts hit the market in the coming months.  Along with shorts from my other settings, and maybe even some new stuff!

If you’ve not started the series, consider picking up the collection.  It releases on Jan. 15th, and it’s a cheaper, easier way to get started!

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