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Let’s see. I haven’t updated the site in… four months!? Bad Jo. BAD JO! Boy, I’ve got some stuff to go over, huh?

Cipher Hill

The most important announcement is the pre-order of Cipher Hill! Newsletter subscribers already know about this, but I’d best put it here for latecomers and lookee-loos. 

Cover, as always, by Nick Deligaris

Cipher Hill is the fifth book in the Free-Wrench series. It follows hot on the heels of the plot of The Calderan Problem, and for the first time allows our heroes to go on the offensive rather than waiting around to be targets. The Book releases on July 11th wherever ebooks are sold, but if you’re really impatient, Apple once again has an exclusive early release on July 3rd. So if you want an extra week or so to read it, pick it up on iBooks!

The Poorly Planned Short Story Experiment

It had been my intention to release monthly short stories for an entire year. I made it about three months. Where did it all go wrong? Covers and edits, my friends. Covers and edits. I can pretty easily pump out a 15,000 word novella. Nominally it would take me between 3 and 6 days. But I am pathologically incapable of producing that many words, or even a whole sentence, without making errors. So I’d have to revise and get time with an editor. And I pride myself on good covers these days, so for a story to be recognizable on a store shelf as one of mine, I’d need a good cover.

The issue comes in the form of cost for those things, which could probably managed, and scheduling of those things, which it turns out could not. I simply couldn’t get enough time on artists’ and editors’ calendars to get a monthly release handled. I  might try again and try to streamline the process a bit (I know plenty of authors who do near-monthly releases, so it CAN be done), but for now, I shelf the project after having released the following former Newsletter Perks wide:

Entwell Origins: Ayna

Beta Testers

The Stump and the Spire

Upcoming Bundle?

If you’ve missed out on some of my stuff, or have a hankering for some of my oddities that haven’t ever been released as eBooks, keep your eyes peeled in the coming months. A big fat bundle is coming. More details as they arise.

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