Indra Station and other Late Updates

Boy, oh boy. It seems like I hardly ever update this web page. Time to correct that.

What’s been going on? First up, the stuff you’d care about.

Indra Station

Speaking of things that are long overdue, Indra Station, fifth installment to the Big Sigma series, is available for Pre-Order now!

Cover by Nick Deligaris

Indra Station picks up shortly after Temporal Contingency leaves off. Lex is doing his best to get back into racing, thanks to the soon to open “ORIC”, a league set up by Nick Patel and run by  his niece, Preethy Misra. Despite ostensibly giving her blessing, Michella’s none-too-pleased at Lex getting mixed up with people she sees only as organized criminals, so she puts her journalistic skills to work finding out what sort of dark underbelly this league has. The results are predictably pyrotechnic.

Indra Station releases on January 30th wherever ebooks are sold, but you can pick it up on pre-order from all the usual places. And one of those places (where you’ll actually get it early) is…


Yeah, yeah. I know. I talked about it in the last post. But if you missed it, here it is again.  Consider supporting, particularly if you like short stories. So far there have been two, and a third one drops in a couple weeks!

What’s next?

I’m actually planning some new stuff for next year. I’d very much like to get six books (or so) out next year. Those would include, at the very least, a brand new series. It’s early enough in the process that it doesn’t even really have a name, but it’s Urban Fantasy, and there are sentient shadows. Stay tuned!