The Story of Sorrel Pre-Order

Hi folks! Check this out!

tl;dr: The Story of Sorrel is available for Pre-Order! It’ll be out April 9th.

Cover by Nick Deligaris (as if you didn’t know)

Fun fact, I tend to have at least one story in a file labeled “Travel Notes.” When I’m riding on the train or (more rarely) flying on a plane, I’ll add to that file. I never really expect that stuff to come to fruition. But I’ll be darned if The Story of Sorrel didn’t finish up.

What’s The Story of Sorrel, you ask? Well, if you’ve read The Rise of the Red Shadow, you know who Sorrel is. The Story of Sorrel is a tale that picks up shortly after her departure from The Rise of the Red Shadow. It’s a bit of a fairy tale. I was almost tempted to label it young adult, but there’s all sorts of weird, semi-official rules about what counts as young adult, so it’s good ol’ general audience.

The Story of Sorrel stands alone fairly well, but if you’ve read the rest of my stuff, you’ll find a strong connection to The Crescents. This effectively serves as a prequel to that book. So if that sounds good to you, pick it up! And if it sounds so very good that you just can’t bear to wait, head over to my Patreon. A Novella-tier pledge will get you a copy of it RIGHT NOW! (Along with a bunch of shorts.)


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