Anniversary Q&A!

Hi, folks! January 28th is the 10th anniversary of The Book of Deacon’s first publication. I’m going to celebrate with a Q&A/Announcement Video.

Do you have any questions for me?

They can be anything from questions about past and future books, questions about/for characters, personal questions, business questions, trivia questions, you name it! You can ask in comments here, or if that turns out to be problematic, head over to my Goodreads Page, my twitter page, or my Facebook Fan Page.

I’ll also be announcing some plans for the year, if only to hold myself accountable so next year, if I fail to do any of them, I’ll be able to shake my head at Past Jo for putting so much on my plate.

The Questions So Far (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Dave (from Twitter): Where did the red shadow get the cloak that made him appear to be just another human?
  • April (From Goodreads): Will there ever be a follow up to Structophis?
  • Zachary (via Email): What books are you planning to release this year?
  • Gin (From Facebook): I’m curious where you got the inspiration for Entwell Num Garastra. That was quite a trek for Miranda and friends to reach!
  • Joseph (From Facebook): How many more books in The Book of Deacon series do you have plans for?
  • Greg (From Facebook): Will you write more [in the Shards of Shadow Series]? More from Blot’s perspective or even before from her world?
  • Ngoc (From Facebook): How were you inspired to create the characters in The Book of Deacons? I love that they are so complex with their own unique personality.
  • Sean (From Facebook): When is Oriech getting his own story?
  • Various: Which of your stories is your favorite?
  • Various: How can I get one of those cool coins?

Questions will be in the video first, and subsequently posted (along with the video) in a new Blog Post.

I hope to hear from you!