Paradoxes, Dragons, and Audio

Hey folks! Got some exciting news for you. If you’re a fan, but you haven’t had the money or the notion to support my Patreon, you’ve been missing out on at least one short story (and as much as a full novella) every month. I promised, way back when I started the Patreon, I wouldn’t lock anything behind the paywall forever. Well, today’s the day I make good on that promise!

A book cover with the text "Joseph R. Lallo, Paradoxes and Dragons, A Science Fiction and Fantasy Anthology" The image depicts a stylized dragon curled around a pocket watch, with a purple-stained and grimy circuit board as the backdrop.
Cover art by Chandra Free

Paradoxes and Dragons is a collection of ten short stories and novellas, representing roughly one full year of Patreon stories. Here’s what you get!

  • Wasteland
    • A story of a man trying to survive the dehydrated remains of his world when he finds companionship in an unlikely form.
  • Bella’s Journey
    • The fabled “Fat Unicorn” story I talked about in the past. Bella is a zaftig cryptid shy about how different she appears from her sisters, but that won’t stop her from leaping to their rescue when they need her.
  • It Does Not Follow
    • Afraid that AI may be too smart for its own good? You might be right…
  • Note to Self
    • One of the stories that fulfills the “Paradoxes” requirement of the title, Note to Self is about a guy who future people keep sending on errands.
  • Blot’s Arrival
    • The short story that spawned the Shards of Shadow series, this is the tale of an imp trying her darnedest to take over our pesky little planet.
  • The Back Way
    • Another time travel short, this follows a woman who gets a suspiciously well-paid job at an antique shop and learns that the clientele might not be as contemporary as she thinks.
  • Part-Time Heroes
    • A short continuation of The Other Eight, this story shows what a government funded superhero team does when there’s no evil doers to vanquish.
  • A Big Day for Blodgette
    • Because (contrary to my sales history) some people just can’t get enough Pizza Dragon! We follow the events after my novel Structophis to learn what becomes of Blodgette and the crew.
  • Something Precious
    • A second dragon story to keep the promise of the title, Something Precious is about a little girl hoping to get adopted who doesn’t care how “monstrous” her would be caretaker is perceived to be.
  • The Rills
    • The most substantial story in the book, The Rills continues the story that began in Between, this time focusing on the three-headed water dragon who is beginning to wonder what it would be like to be someone else.

Patreon supporters have had access to these stories for as much as a full year, but there are some bonuses even for them. This is the first time they’ve been available in a single book, and several of them have had fully illustrated covers added that weren’t available at release. This ALSO marks the first book with illustrations scattered throughout, as I have included the “story cover” of each short.

I hope you enjoy it!

Urban Fantasy Audio

If you’ve been holding off on picking up the books of Shards of Shadow because you don’t have time to read, the audio books are steadily releasing. Books in Motion has got two books finished, and a third on the way!

Read an Ebook Week

If you’re reading this shortly after I posted it, then we are in the midst of Read an Ebook Week. Smashwords has got loads of books on sale, including nearly all of my books for free or half price. Check it out!

Book of Deacon announcement to come…

Book of Deacon Six has a name, and a cover. I’ll reveal them both soon…

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