The Coin of Kenvard Release

I’ll start with the short version. The Coin of Kenvard is available now! Pick it up wherever ebooks are sold. Here’s the cover.

Frequently these posts begin with me addressing something that long-time fans of mine will already know. Considering this is book six of my very first series, something tells me the only people reading this are those who have been following me for a long time.

I have history of dopey book releases. Some of them were incredibly avoidable, like my now famous decision to release The Other Eight — a book with an absurd premise completely unlike any of my other stories– on April Fools Day. Others were less foreseeable, like releasing a book on Election Day 2016, which turned out to be a rather distracting day.

Well, I’m releasing Book of Deacon 6 in the depths of a global pandemic. Fun! I hope everyone is staying safe. Social distancing, washing hands, the whole nine yards. So far so good in the Lallo-sphere. But no matter how well things are going, there are some things we can’t ignore. Most of us are hurting for money. Most of us have far more important things to worry about than keeping tabs on a fantasy series.

We’re all doing our best, and I’m trying to do my part. In a recent post, I listed the books I have that are currently free, including some new stuff. I’ll repeat it below, for convenience, and add to it the full-series sale I’m doing for the main Book of Deacon ebooks in most stores.

Free Books:

Discounted Books (until the end of April):

The Coin of Kenvard is, for now at least, planned to be the final book in this “era” of the series. I have more stories to tell, for sure. The Jade/Halfax Era is likely to get more stories, for example, and there’s already a book set in the years afterward written that I’ve been holding back until Myranda and her crew had their story told.

It’s been a long ride, folks. Lots of ups and downs. We’re all in a pretty solid down at the moment, some more so than others. I hope this story will take you away from that for a while, and I hope that together we can find our way through to the other side stronger and wiser than before.

Thanks for reading!

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