Revving Up

Hi, folks!

I’ll be honest. Things have been a little rough these last few months. It’s “nice” to have a very good excuse, in the form of the pandemic and protests. But in truth, those things haven’t changed my life much. When I walk, I wear a mask, and I’ve donated some money and amplified some voices, but all things considered things are as they’ve always been in my little slice of the world. The problem has been me.

My focus has been in the dumps. I’ve been dragging my feet on projects and promotions. And as anyone who’s been in the self publishing game as long as I have will tell you, that’s bound to take its toll on both schedule and income. I’m not in any danger, but it’s well past time that I started taking things seriously again.

Starting today, I’m going to try to ramp up on all levels. My posts here and on social media will become more regular. I’ll start beefing up my reader perk offerings. Daily word counts will get back up where they need to be. I’ll start putting out newsletters more often. I’ll be a proper, grownup indie author again.


But there’s no time like the present to start making good on those plans than RIGHT NOW!

Free-Wrench 6 Update

Free-Wrench 6 is done, unless something goes wrong with the edit. I’ve even got the cover mostly made, though I can’t share it yet since it hasn’t been paid for. But one of the many things I was procrastinating was picking a title.

I think I’m comfortable picking Contaminant Six as the title! It’s very likely that my next announcement regarding Free-Wrench will be the cover reveal and the pre-order announcement. If you’re a Free-Wrench fan, keep your eyes peeled for that! We’re probably looking at a late August, early September release date.

Halfax Interview

I tried to set up a Character Interview a few weeks ago, but because of the aforementioned inactivity I’ve made an enemy of the algorithms and slipped from the mind of some longtime fans. Thus, I wasn’t able to collect very many questions.

We’re going to try again, by loading up my full social media cannon and blasting it out.

SO! What questions have you got for the big green guy?

If you’re not familiar, Hal is the sworn protector and Adopted Papa of Jade Rinton, an important figure in the Age of Ignorance, a time long after the main Book of Deacon series. He’s one of Myn’s children, along with Roka, Thorn, and Winsor. Once I get a healthy assortment of questions I’ll write the interview and share it! Here are the questions we’ve got so far!

From Shirley: Did Jade find a way to fix your wings so you could fly again? It always has bothered me that a creature meant to soar above the clouds was grounded.

From: Siberia-gravity: Halfax have you seen any Malthropes in your life or should say during the Age of Ignorance?

From Kindleworm: Hey, Halfax, what happened to all the other dragons?