Free-Wrench Sale and Pre-Order

Hi everyone!

I’d been holding off on announcing most of this, because Amazon has not added the cover to the sales page yet, but I’m through waiting!

Contaminant Six, the latest (and last?) book in the Free-Wrench series, is available for pre-order. The Release Date is Sept. 8th, and supporters of the Novel level of my Patreon already have their copies!

Here’s the description:

The fug that poisoned the world has struck the Wind Breaker crew.

After years of daring escapes and dangerous capers, it was only a matter of time before Captain Mack’s crew felt the sting of the toxin that blankets their continent. They must split up, seek the aid of old rivals, and brave secret facilities to find the substance that may be the key to recovery.

Join Nita and her friends on what may well be their final adventure.

Contaminant Six is the sixth novel in the critically acclaimed Free-Wrench series of steampunk adventures.

Now, I know a lot of you haven’t read the Free-Wrench stories. I write several genres of story and not all of my settings appeal to everyone. But if you’ve been curious about the series, now is a great time to pick it up, because almost the entire series is on sale until this time next month!

Here’s the breakdown:

BookStandard PriceSale Price
Free-Wrench Collection$5.99$0.99
Ichor Well$3.99$1.99
The Calderan Problem$3.99$2.99
Cipher Hill$3.99$3.99
Contaminant Six$4.99$4.99

You can now get caught up for a bargain price!

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading!

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