2020 Looking Back, Looking Forward

So… It’s been a year, hasn’t it?

This year kicked my butt, and all things considered I got off easy. Being a writer isn’t an easy or a secure job, but it’s one that operates pretty much the same in a pandemic as any other time. This year, I sat in my home with my family and I wrote as the world outside became darker and more muddled, more dangerous and more vicious. 2020 cost us all dearly. Long-time followers need not look far to see the greatest toll it took on my life.

But we’re still here.

This is a tiny, neglected site on a forgotten corner of the internet. It exists to share the things I’m excited about with the people who like my writing. But after what we’ve been through, and what remains to be done before the world’s new normal becomes something resembling the old, I feel as though I’m obligated to look for a little bit of light.

What went right?

I set out, when this year began, to release the sixth (and potentially final) books in each of my main series. I achieved that. The Coin of Kenvard, Contaminant Six, and Nova Igniter were all released and it seems that you folks enjoyed them! I also released my first Patreon collection, Paradoxes and Dragons.

It wasn’t my most active year. By April my brain was already mush, and it just got mushier as the year progressed, but I soldiered on. NaNoWriMo was again a success. I had some experiments with audio, leading to not only a flurry of audio-books courtesy of Books in Motion, but also in a few self-produced pieces for the patreon, including what may well be considered the canonical “voice” of Ma.

The Patreon has proceeded apace, with new shorts and novellas (or re-releases of old favorites) each month. I’ve been fortunate enough to support artists by commissioning great artwork for covers and other gun goodies.

Art by Chandra Free

What next?

My NaNoWriMo project, which started off with the name “Rip Off Player One” because it was written specifically to appease my friend who wanted something in the same vein as Ready Player One, evolved into a full novel called “Top Level Player.” I’ll have to figure out to what degree the story can be published, but one way or another you folks will get a taste.

My brand plan for 2021 is to start my first new Epic Fantasy series in 10 years. I’ve had a lot of fun with The Book of Deacon, and it’s been my most successful series, but the time has come to try out a new setting. I spent the last week tinkering with it, and I think I’ve got something you folks are going to enjoy. Chances are you won’t get your first taste until mid 2021, but if I’m a good boy I’ll release at least two more in the same series before year’s end.

I’ll be continuing the Patreon, ideally with more new or re-released stories each month. And since that means heaps of new shorts, I think we can safely assume you’ll be getting a second volume of Paradoxes and Dragons.

There are also some projects I planted the seeds for many years ago which still have a chance of bearing fruit. The first children’s book (the one about Myn) technically isn’t dead, though I’ve been unable to contact the artist in some time. The second children’s book, illustrated by Fable Siegel, is almost certain to see the light of day, and maybe even a related project that’s got me super excited.

And if there’s enough time/willpower left when it’s all said and done, I’d like to add two more stories to Shards of Shadow so that the full story can be told.

You good people kept me afloat this year. I’ll do my best to prove myself worthy.

Thanks for reading!

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