Long Time, No Post!

Hey, been a while, huh? I don’t really have an excuse, except I guess that the world has been swallowed by a global pandemic and a handful of personal disasters and general burnout made me have not good brain time. BUT ENOUGH EXCUSES! Here’s a little rundown of the doin’s what’ve been transpirin’.

Exclusive releases!

Bygone Archive

Some walls were built for a reason.

Things are looking up for the Masker family. Fel, the adventurer of the clan, has stocked the antiquity shop with valuable contraptions unearthed during his journeys. Sales are strong, customers are happy, life is good. But rival families know the Maskers are unlocking ancient secrets about the arcane devices, and their spies will stop at nothing to have them. The promise of a lost archive sealed within the fabled Greater Lands Wall could give the Maskers the edge to ward off their foes and uncover the wisdom of old.

Fel knows the most precious treasures are protected by the most dangerous traps, but is anyone ready for what the Greater Lands have in store?

Dragons, harpies, kobolds… If Fel Masker wants the secrets of the past, he must face its monsters.

Bygone Mask

Family business is always personal.

Dangerous expeditions and clever business deals have begun to pay off, but with great rewards come greater risks. The unscrupulous Bolivan clan have been spying on Fel Masker and his family, accumulating dangerous technology and becoming more bold in their assaults. To blind the prying eyes and disarm a legion of mercenaries, the Maskers will need the help of his estranged sister, whose very presence threatens to tear the family apart.

While Fel defends his family with the help of uncertain allies, Tome Inkbrand seeks his own fortunes beyond the Greater Lands wall. In a world already teeming with mystery and danger, both Fel and Tome are about to learn that there are always greater forces lurk in the shadows.

Can they defeat the Bolivans before their threat grows too great to contain? Will the trials of the Greater Lands prove too much to handle? Catch up to Fel and see what thrilling new dangers await!

Wide Releases!

Paradoxes and Dragons Volume 2

Dragons that hoard pillows? Legendary squirrel adventures? Sometimes short stories get a little experimental.

Paradoxes and Dragons Volume 2 is a collection of ten novellas and short stories spanning the sci-fi and fantasy spectrum. A time travel front masquerading as an antique shop? High tech dragon engineers? Inside these pages you’ll find fun one-shots and eagerly anticipated sequels to stories in the first anthology.

Paradoxes and Dragons Volume 2 includes:

  • Uncle Easy: A post-apocalyptic sequel to Wasteland*
  • Comfortable Dragon: A knight seeks to battle the coziest dragon in the kingdom
  • Time Loop: A successful time travel experiment makes an intern’s day very complicated
  • Dragons in Space: Space suits plus dragons, what’s not to like?
  • The Dwarfendam Run: A weary musician faces a mechanical gauntlet
  • The Front Way: A fan-voted sequel to The Back Way*
  • The Pencil Hoarder: A little dragon learns a thing or two about what the human world has to offer
  • Soft Summoned: Sometimes summoning a demon can go adorably wrong
  • The Tale of Amberbelly: Sometimes adventure is a matter of perspective
  • Weird Nothing: The novelization of the short lived webcomic of the same name by Joseph R. Lallo and Adam J. Hall

*Available in Paradoxes and Dragons Volume 1

Top Level Player

The bad news? You died. The good news? You have an extra life!

After a terminal diagnosis, Jazz had nothing to lose in testing a prototype brain scanner, right?

Wrong. Dead wrong.

Now she’s locked in a digital afterlife called The After-Image. How did she end up in this chaotic post-life roleplaying game? Is there a way out? She’ll have to find some friends and gain some levels, but one way or another Jazz is determined to get to the bottom of things.

Top Level Player is a pop-culture nostalgia-fest by Joseph R. Lallo, combining the wit of Free-Wrench and Big Sigma with deep pull references from the 80s and 90s.

The Book of Deacon Anthology Volume 2

A new collection of stories in the critically acclaimed and international bestselling Book of Deacon Series. It contains 14 epic fantasy short stories, novellas, and novels released between 2015 and 2022, including:

  • The D’Karon Apprentice
    • In the aftermath of the perpetual war, the legacy of the D’Karon lives on.
  • The Crescents
    • Beyond the Northern Alliance and Tressor, the chosen ones discover a secret world and a terrible threat.
  • The Coin of Kenvard
    • After history refuses to remain in the past, the chosen ones must defend their world one last time.
  • The Story of Sorrel
    • Sorrel wants nothing more than a safe place to raise her children, even if she has to face an ancient evil to attain it.
  • Halfax
    • Jade has grown into a fine woman with a child of her own, but the family curse has brought danger to even the sanctuaries of old.
  • And many more!


In addition to things I ought to have been doing. I also have been doing things I oughtn’t’ve been doing. Mostly messing with Blender and making nonsense related to the ol’ book releases.