The Bygone Plague!

It seems like these blog posts are suffering from larger and larger gaps. Gotta get my act together. But while my promotional chops are eroding, I’m still writing like a busy little bee. Evidence?


The Bygone Plague is available on Amazon today! This is the fifth and (what was planned to be) second-to-last book in the series. Here’s the Blurb:

With the sort of enemies the Fel has made, loose ends can be deadly.

After narrowly surviving their last adventure, the Masker family knows there are forces plotting against them. Worse, a precious artifact is unaccounted for, almost certainly in the hands of a dangerous foe. The only option is to head north to follow the trail of the thief. When the hunt leads them to a plague-ridden forest not far from Fel’s sister, he has to make a choice. Does he risk the disease to recover what’s his? Or does he leave empty handed?

A deadly disease. A deadlier quarantine. And deadliest of all, a mystery.

This one, if you follow me on my twitter and patreon, you know this one kicked my butt a little. As this series grew, keeping the story under control as the number of fun characters continued to grow became a real challenge. This one, I feel, expands well on the concepts introduced in the climax of the previous story. Although, I’ll be honest, Book Six is ALREADY DONE and separating the plot and characters of the two books in my brain right now is like trying to comb a plate of spaghetti.

… Not that I’ve ever done that.

Anyway, it’s available on Amazon like the rest of the series, though paperbacks are available wide.

I hope you all enjoy it!