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The Underground Comics Bundle

Hey folks! I’ll give you the tl;dr up front. For the next three weeks or so, you can support artists, donate to charity, and get a stack of great comics at StoryBundle via The Underground Comics Bundle.

Okie doke! So way back in 2019 I got the idea for doing a webcomic/underground comic bundle. I’m friendly with the StoryBundle folks. And for MONTHS I tried to find enough folks who both had top notch comics and didn’t think I was running a scam in order to assemble a bundle.

I failed.

But in the years that followed I became increasingly friendly with comic creators, and when the time came for round 2, I struck pay dirt. I am beyond proud of this lineup, which I feel provides a great little taster to what you’ve been missing if you haven’t been watching the state of indie comics. You can click through to see the goodies (and pick the whole shebang up for as little as $20). But here’s the list.

  • Three books of Gastrophobia by Daisy McGuire
  • Two books of Vattu by Evan Dahm
  • The comic AND novella of Weird Nothing by Joseph R. Lallo and Adam J. Hall
  • Umbagog by Fable Siegel
  • Wanderlust by Jay Miller
  • The God Machine by Chandra Free
  • Supercell by BM Brice

These stories are so good. Please pick them up. I wrote a big thing about it, if you want to learn more.

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