StoryBundle: The Universe of Adventure Sci-Fi Bundle

Greetings, folks! I’ve been busy, though not in the usual sort of way. We’ll go into that in the future. For now I have much more interesting stuff to talk about, and that’s The Universe of Adventure Sci-Fi Bundle!

I’ve got a long and storied history with Storybundle, in particular the sci-fi flavor of their offerings. Bypass Gemini (Big Sigma Book 1) was in the VERY FIRST BUNDLE! Since then I’ve had a great time curating and featuring in all sorts of bundles, but it was super exciting to get back to my bundle roots with a brand new sci-fi bundle. As always, there’s some great stuff. What stuff? Let’s see!

Oodles of covers for the books in this bundle.

At the $5 level?

  • Constelis Voss 1 by K. Leigh
  • Ghost Pirate Gambit by Jessie Kwak
  • Broken Ascension by Dave Walsh
  • Convergence by C. Gockel

If you’ve been in the indie sci-fi world for any amount of time, you know these names. Masters of world building and speculative exploration. I can’t say I’ve read all of these stories (yet) but good heavens are you in for a treat if you haven’t experienced the work these authors can do.

But this is StoryBundle, so that’s not all! At $20 or higher, you get 8 more books!

  • Ptolemy Lane 1-3 by Cameron Cooper (StoryBundle Exclusive)
  • Devon Island Mars Colony by Si Clarke
  • Psycho Electric by Randolph Lalonde
  • Shifting Reality by Patty Jansen
  • League of Independent Operatives – Books 1-3 by Kate Sheeran Swed
  • The Big Sigma Collection Vol. 1 – Enhanced by Joseph R. Lallo
  • Fire Ant by Jonathan P. Brazee
  • Space Rogues 1-2 & Grand Human Empire 1-2 by John Wilker (StoryBundle Exclusive)

This is just a dizzying array of excellent stuff, and I could spend the next few hours talking about what makes these tales worth your time, but this is the internet and attention is precious, so I’ll stick to what you’re probably after if you’re here on my web page reading about books and that’s The Big Sigma Collection: Volume 1 – Enhanced.

That’s right, two whole-entire subtitles on that one. This is a version of the collected edition of my first three full novels in the Big Sigma setting that’s exclusive to this bundle. It’s enhanced with a collection of shorts that were available in the original (with some minor brush-ups typical of a new edition) and a few stories which until now had only been available to my patrons. Not only that, but this is the first semi-public glimpse of an upcoming children’s book illustrated by the exceptionally talented illustrator and animator Fable (once they’re done cranking out the masterpiece that is the Lackadaisy animated series, that is).

For less than the cost of a fancy meal, you’ll get a heap of stories that’ll keep your imagination fed for weeks. So head on over and grab this while it lasts. It’ll only be around for a few more weeks!

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