Cover of The Bygone Dagger (The Greater Lands Saga Book 1) by Joseph R. Lallo

The Bygone Dagger (The Greater Lands Saga Book 1)

They just don’t make artifacts like they used to.

In a world where arcane contraptions are capable of just about anything, running an antique shop is a dangerous business. No one knows that better than the Masker family. Strict rules and cutthroat competitors have pushed them to the limit. They need to make a big sale soon or they just might go under.

Fel Masker won’t let that happen.

True, he’s not half the tinkerer his father is, and he certainly lacks his mother’s skill with money. But right now what the family needs is someone foolhardy enough to risk ancient traps, mystic creatures, and bloodthirsty mercenaries on a death-defying treasure hunt. Fel is the man for the job.

A mysterious customer, a cryptic map, and an ancient vault could provide him with the payday he needs. Now all Fel has to do is survive long enough to deliver the goods.

One way or another, the world is going to remember the name Masker.

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