Cover of The Bygone Mask (The Greater Lands Saga Book 3) by Joseph R. Lallo

The Bygone Mask (The Greater Lands Saga Book 3)

Family business is always personal.

Dangerous expeditions and clever business deals have begun to pay off, but with great rewards come greater risks. The unscrupulous Bolivan clan have been spying on Fel Masker and his family, accumulating dangerous technology and becoming more bold in their assaults. To blind the prying eyes and disarm a legion of mercenaries, the Maskers will need the help of his estranged sister, whose very presence threatens to tear the family apart.

While Fel defends his family with the help of uncertain allies, Tome Inkbrand seeks his own fortunes beyond the Greater Lands wall. In a world already teeming with mystery and danger, both Fel and Tome are about to learn that there are always greater forces lurk in the shadows.

Can they defeat the Bolivans before their threat grows too great to contain? Will the trials of the Greater Lands prove too much to handle? Catch up to Fel and see what thrilling new dangers await!

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