Cover of The Bygone Caper (The Greater Lands Saga Book 4) by Joseph R. Lallo

The Bygone Caper (The Greater Lands Saga Book 4)

What the nobles don’t know can’t hurt them. But how long can the Maskers keep their secrets?

Fel and the other Maskers knew recovering the gifts of the past was worth the danger, so long as they could keep the worst of the bygone contraptions out of the wrong hands. They couldn’t have predicted a wave of violence beyond Beffshire’s walls would summon a powerful inspector. Now he is convinced the Maskers are hiding something.

Unfortunately for them, he’s right.

But there is something shady about this inspector. Letting him claim their inventory might not simply destroy their legacy, it might deliver powerful and unpredictable artifacts directly into the clutches of forces with sinister aims.
Time is running out to thwart the inspector. How can Fel hide a shop full of goods right under the nose of the man with the power and authority to seize them?

One thing is certain: This will be quite a caper.

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