Cover of Cipher Hill (Free-Wrench Book 5) by Joseph R. Lallo

Cipher Hill (Free-Wrench Book 5)

Cipher Hill is the fifth book in the popular Free-Wrench series of steampunk adventures.

Ferris Tusk has lurked in the shadows of his society since it began. His name is spoken with hushed reverence by the fug folk, and the balance of power of the whole continent is a meticulously maintained mechanism of his own design. But even the finest machine can be broken with a well-placed wrench.

Until now, Cap’n Mack and the Wind Breaker crew have weathered scheme after scheme. They’ve fought for their lives, perpetually on the defensive. Such is the life of a hero. Lucky for Mack, his crew aren’t your average heroes. They’ll call in every favor, play every trick, and take every risk to turn the hunters into the hunted.

Tusk wanted a war. Now he’s got one.

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