Cover of Free-Wrench Collection: Volume 1 by Joseph R. Lallo

Free-Wrench Collection: Volume 1

Steam-powered airships rule the skies in a world blanketed by a toxic fug. Join Nita, Lil, Coop, Cap’n Mack, and the rest of the Wind Breaker crew in a steampunk adventure that will leave you reeling.

Free-Wrench Collection: Volume 1 combines the first three novels of this exciting steampunk series into one amazing anthology. Here’s what you get:

Free-Wrench – Beyond the islands of Caldera the world is a vicious place. A terrible calamity has poisoned the land. Those too ruthless or stubborn to die have crafted steam-powered mechanical wonders and taken to the sky. Yet somewhere in that wretched land there is a cure for a dire disease. With the eccentric crew of an airship called The Wind Breaker, Nita Graus means to find that cure, whatever the price.

Skykeep – Several months have passed since Nita Graus left her home in Caldera to soar with the crew of the Wind Breaker, and life is anything but easy. Their prior exploits have earned them quite a reputation among surface-dwellers and made them a perpetual target of the manipulative residents of the fug. Now a new plot could split the crew and ground the Wind Breaker once and for all.

Ichor Well – Ever since Nita joined the Wind Breaker crew, the airship’s reputation has been growing. The destruction of the mighty dreadnought and the escape from the legendary Skykeep have made the crew the stuff of legend. Alas, legendary heroes always attract worthy villains. Luscious P. Alabaster strives to be just that foe.

The Free-Wrench series is an ongoing steampunk adventure from Joseph R. Lallo, author of The Book of Deacon and Big Sigma series.

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