Cover of Free-Wrench Collection: Volume 2 by Joseph R. Lallo

Free-Wrench Collection: Volume 2

Steam-powered airships rule the skies in a world blanketed by a toxic fug.

These are the continuing adventures of Nita, Lil, Coop, Cap’n Mack, and the rest of the Wind Breaker crew in a series of steampunk adventures that comprise the second half of the main story arc of the Free-Wrench series.

The collection includes three full novels:

  • The Calderan Problem – The Wind Breaker earns a safe harbor in Caldera and brings its conflict with it.
  • Cipher Hill – The Wind Breaker Crew goes on the offensive, dead set on dethroning the biggest thorn in their side.
  • Contaminant Six – The fug takes a terrible toll on the Wind Breaker crew, but just as this journey began as a search for a cure, so shall the journey end.

It also includes two short stories:

  • Lil and Coop – The tale of how the Cooper siblings came to be a part of the Wind Breaker Crew
  • The New Inspector – The story of how the ship got its surly ship’s inspector.

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