Cover of The Big Sigma Collection: Volume 2 by Joseph R. Lallo

The Big Sigma Collection: Volume 2

The Big Sigma Collection: Volume 2 is a must for any fan of Joseph R. Lallo’s thrilling sci-fi adventure series. It includes the final three novels:

  • Temporal Contingency
    • After traveling the galaxy, the time has finally come for Lex pierce the veil of time itself.
  • Indra Station
    • Lex’s last big chance to get back to his first love, racing, may end in tragedy as he gets caught up in a clash of criminal rivals.
  • Nova Igniter
    • It all comes to this. A once mindless swarm of self-replicating machines now serves a single will.

And available for sale for the first time, a bonus short story:

  • Meeting of the Mas
    • The many instances of Ma, the snarky AI companion of Karter Dee, put their heads together to see what’s to be done about their friend Lex.

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