Cover of Pizza Dragon by Joseph R. Lallo - shows dragon holding a pizza

Pizza Dragon: Vegetarian Supreme with Extra Cheese

(Previously published in part as Structophis.)

“Sleeping bags. Toilet paper. Basil. Grated cheese. Whole wheat flour. White flour. Flour for bread makers. Red pepper flake…”

Science awaits!

When you’re kneading to hide out from family, the cops, and overly determined gangsters, the last thing you want is a pizza dragon crust-ing your style.

But for Markus and Gale, it’s not just about dodging the heat; it’s about rising to the occasion. They have one goal: protect Blogette, the newly hatched pizza dragon from… everyone. It’s a topping priority!

Join them as they embark on a saucy quest filled with cheesy moments, dough-lightful adventures, and maybe just a slice of danger. It’s a heartwarming YA tale that’s sure to deliver.

From the author of The Book of DeaconBypass Gemini, and Free-WrenchPizza Dragon is a pizz-a work based upon a concept and artwork by ProjectENDO. Get ready to feast on this epic tale of friendship and fire-baked bravery!

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