Audio Book Narrators

The following links lead to samples of the four narrators under consideration for The Book of Deacon Trilogy audio books. Of them, which would you prefer? For the Audible Links there is a sample button right beneath the book covers.

Fiona Dwyer – Jade Undiscovered Country

Talmadge Ragan – The Magician’s TaleTrick of Light

Karyn O’Bryant – Cabaret: A Roman RiddleThe Understory

Jeffrey Kafer – Confessions of a D-List SupervillainBioshock: Rapture


  • Austin

    Of the four, I like Karyn O’Bryant the best. Since the Book of Deacon series is written from Deacon’s perspective, though, it’s hard for me to hear a female voice narrating it. Jeffrey Kafer is all right, but he just doesn’t sound like the Deacon that I think of.

  • Joseph Lallo

    Thanks! Yeah, it’s tricky. Myranda is the main character, and the majority of the key characters are female, but the book is ostensibly written by a man, and thus would make sense if read by one.

  • Jeremy Marr

    I liked Ragan the best of these four. For me, she was the easiest to understand and i was able to shut my eyes and actually see what she was saying.
    hope that helps

  • Corrie McGregor

    Although I do agree on the point that the book is written by Deacon – a male – I found O’Bryant the easiest to listen too, and she puts emotion into her words and is the easiest to listen to in my opinion. So for me, it would have to be between O’Bryant and Kafer. Kafer is good, but I just can’t really see him as Deacons “voice” If you know what I mean.

    Hope I’ve been a help – loved the books 🙂

  • Joseph Lallo

    Thanks! It seems from the various places I’ve asked the question, Karyn O’Bryant has pulled into the lead.

  • Jacquelyn E Lane

    I liked Karyn O’Bryant too. She has a clear voice that’s expressive, though it’s hard to tell with the short samples. I did not like Jerffery Kaffer’s sample but realise that may be because of the text he is reading rather than his innappropriateness for your wonderful books. It would be easier to judge if each one of these narrators could read a sample of your books. Not being an American, (nor living in the USA) I liked the clearer, more neutral accent of Karyn O’Bryant. That neutrality is important when you books are going global.

  • Joseph Lallo

    Thanks for weighing in. I’ve started working with Karyn, providing pronunciations and whatnot, and I’ve got a good vibe from her so far. She seems really enthusiastic and professional.

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