These are the novels and short stories that I’ve put together so far. All of them are currently for sale via Smashwords (and through them, virtually everywhere else) and separately through Amazon. There are no print editions, but I’m not ruling out some sort of print release if there seems to be interest in it.

At the moment, with the exception of book 1 of the trilogy, all of my work is edited exclusively by myself and a small network of friends, so you may have found errors of various sorts. If you find any, feel free to contact me at jrlallo (at) bookofdeacon (dot) com. I will try to fix them and push out a new edition ASAP.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT THE READING ORDER: It is important to note that the recommended reading order of the books in the Book of Deacon setting is not the same as the order in which they were released. The order of the trilogy is clearly indicated by the descriptions, but Jade, despite being published second, is actually best read after the trilogy is finished. (Its date of publication primarily hinges on the fact I initially thought the trilogy would be a dud because of its length, so I wanted to test something shorter.) Thus, the recommended reading order is as follows.

The Book of Deacon -> The Great Convergence -> The Battle of Verril -> Jade.

Now, without further ado, my books!

The Trilogy

The core of the series is the Book of Deacon Trilogy.

The Book of Deacon

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ISBN: 9781452402604

The tale of Myranda Celeste, a young woman orphaned by a century long war, and her chance discovery of a fallen soldier’s priceless cargo. The find will change her life, sending her on an adventure of soldiers and rebels, wizards and warriors, and beasts both noble and monstrous. Each step will bring her closer to the truth of her potential, of the war, and of the fate of her world.

The Great Convergence

(The Book of Deacon Book 2)

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ISBN: 9781458095299

The second in the Book of Deacon series, The Great Convergence continues the tale of young Myranda Celeste. With fresh knowledge of magic and steadfast resolve to see the end of the war that plagues her land, Myranda sets out to find and unite the five fated heroes, the Chosen. Each new warrior brings her world a step closer to peace, but does she have the strength to survive the trials ahead?

The Battle of Verril

(The Book of Deacon Book 3)

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ISBN: 9781458186782

In this, the finale of the Book of Deacon Trilogy, Myranda and the Chosen face their greatest challenges yet. Time is running out, and the Generals are growing desperate. Through victory and defeat, reunion and betrayal, neither the heroes nor their foes will rest until they have seen their task through to the end. The only question is, will it be the end of a war, or the end of times?

The Sidequests

Set in the same universe, the Sidequests are short tales featuring supporting characters and their adventures. Some will tie in with the main stories, others will stand alone, and still others will serve as a bridge.


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ISBN: 9781452373201

This short novel, set in the same world as The Book of Deacon, follows the blessed and cursed life of Jade Rinton. Stripped of her family and kept in a tall tower by a fierce dragon due to the scheming of a mysterious stranger, Jade seems to be living in a twisted fairy tale. She soon learns, though, that fate has its own ideas of who should play each part, and that family is where you find it.

The Rise of the Red Shadow


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Before he was a legendary assassin and mythic hero, the creature known as Lain was just a simple malthrope, frightened and alone. The Rise of the Red Shadow tells the story of his tragic youth, beginning with his days on a plantation in Tressor and following him through the painful tragedies and thrilling trials that would one day lead him to greatness in the pages of The Book of Deacon.

Other Works

These are other works of mine, unrelated to the Book of Deacon Universe.

Bypass Gemini

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ISBN: 9781458091062

In a distant future, Trevor “Lex” Alexander was shaping up to be the next great race pilot until a fixed race got him banned from the sport. Reduced to making freelance deliveries, he thinks his life can’t get any worse. That’s when a package manages to get him mixed up with mobsters, a megacorp, and a mad scientist. Now his life depends on learning what their plans are, and how he can stop them.

Unstable Prototypes

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ISBN: 9781466191341

Eight months have passed since the Bypass Gemini incident, and Karter Dee – a brilliant inventor and dangerous sociopath – has been kidnapped by group of desperate extremists. To prevent the group responsible from unleashing Karter’s lethal ingenuity, the inventor’s quirky AI “Ma” convinces ex-Racer “Lex” Alexander to help assemble a team of former allies in order to mount a rescue.