Coming Attractions

These are books and other projects that have not yet made it to publication. They might be in the final stages, or could be years off.

Lain Origin Story

As a result of a vote on the blog and facebook fan page, Lain was selected as the next character to get a story. An origin is now being written, and will either be a novella or a novel depending on how much I end up telling. (Yeah, it is longer than Jade already, and maybe half way told. I’ll be lucky if I can keep it to one book. Lousy long-winded Jo…)

Check out the sneak peek here.

And the SECOND sneek peek here.

Book of Deacon 2nd Trilogy

Actually conceived prior to the Book of Deacon Trilogy that I ended up writing, this set of books takes place in the same setting, but long, long after the events of the first books. It follows a handful of descendents of the original Chosen as they gather to face a new threat. Though one full book is already written, these books are probably pretty far from seeing the light of day. I’m not sure how long I want them to be, what exactly I want to happen, or even if I want it to be a trilogy.

Additional Sidequests

Many of my readers have shown particular interest in certain characters from the first trilogy. Just as the story Jade was intended to introduce and explore a character I had rattling around in my head – bizarrely, not the title character – so too would these sidequests take a deeper look at some of the characters we’ve already seen. Nothing has been put to paper yet, but I’m starting to assemble ideas. As it stands, I think that there is at least the possibility that we will eventually see stories focused on the following characters. The list may grow, depending on inspiration and audience interest.

  • Ivy
  • Epidime
  • Ether

Bypass Gemini Sequel Unstable Prototypes

The next book I plan to publish, this story will continue the adventures of Trevor Alexander, and will feature many of the cast of characters he encountered in the first book. It will also expand the cast by a few notable individuals. At the moment this is a bit more than half written, but after that comes the revisions and edits, so it may still be a few months before it is complete.

For a peek at the first draft of the prologue, click here.

This book has been published, check it out on the Books page now!