Coming Attractions

These are books and other projects that have not yet made it to publication. They might be in the final stages, or could be years off.

Lain Origin Story

As a result of a vote on the blog and facebook fan page, Lain was selected as the next character to get a story. An origin is now being written, and will either be a novella or a novel depending on how much I end up telling. (Yeah, it is longer than Jade already, and maybe half way told. I’ll be lucky if I can keep it to one book. Lousy long-winded Jo…)

Check out the sneak peek here.

And the SECOND sneek peek here.

Book of Deacon 2nd Trilogy

Actually conceived prior to the Book of Deacon Trilogy that I ended up writing, this set of books takes place in the same setting, but long, long after the events of the first books. It follows a handful of descendents of the original Chosen as they gather to face a new threat. Though one full book is already written, these books are probably pretty far from seeing the light of day. I’m not sure how long I want them to be, what exactly I want to happen, or even if I want it to be a trilogy.

Additional Sidequests

Many of my readers have shown particular interest in certain characters from the first trilogy. Just as the story Jade was intended to introduce and explore a character I had rattling around in my head – bizarrely, not the title character – so too would these sidequests take a deeper look at some of the characters we’ve already seen. Nothing has been put to paper yet, but I’m starting to assemble ideas. As it stands, I think that there is at least the possibility that we will eventually see stories focused on the following characters. The list may grow, depending on inspiration and audience interest.

  • Ivy
  • Epidime
  • Ether

Bypass Gemini Sequel Unstable Prototypes

The next book I plan to publish, this story will continue the adventures of Trevor Alexander, and will feature many of the cast of characters he encountered in the first book. It will also expand the cast by a few notable individuals. At the moment this is a bit more than half written, but after that comes the revisions and edits, so it may still be a few months before it is complete.

For a peek at the first draft of the prologue, click here.

This book has been published, check it out on the Books page now!


  • simon watkins

    Great books i have really enjoyed them. I would love for u to do another trilogy and side storys so please keep writtin these amazin books

  • Joseph Lallo

    Thanks! I’m in the home stretch with the Sci Fi sequel, which might actually have a name soon. After that, I’m definitely going to be getting back to the Book of Deacon setting.

  • Chris

    I love the Book of Deacon trilogy and cannot wait to see what other books and ideas you can come up with. Also you just made it to my Top 10 Best authors along with Terry Brooks, Geaorge R.R. Martin, Christopher Paolini, Tolkien, Mari Mancusi, Kaza Kingsley, Kady Cross, Richelle Mead, Darren Shan, and you, Joseph Lallo (not in order).

  • Joseph Lallo

    Thanks! I’m glad you like the books. That’s one heck of a list of authors to be added to, I’m glad I made the cut!

  • MarciaA

    I so enjoyed the book of Deacon trilogy, and was especially happy to find you’ve started on a sequel trilogy starting with the book Jade. Just downloaded it to my kindle and am excited to begin reading it…… please please don’t take too long to continue the series! 😉

  • Joseph Lallo

    Hi! I’m glad you enjoyed the trilogy. I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that I am indeed working on a sequel trilogy. The bad news is that Jade is not the first book of it. Jade is just a short story that introduces one of the characters of the new trilogy. I’ll probably get rolling on those books just as soon as I’m through with the Lain origin. Thanks for the comment!

  • Aurora M.

    Yay! I’m excited at the prospect of your future books! I really enjoyed the Book of Deacon trilogy and can’t wait to read more! Good luck to you in the planning, writing, and rewriting process!

  • Barbara Phillips

    I enjoyed the first book in your The Deacon series. You are an excellent writer. You certainly know how to maintain the pace of the action. I also liked your twists and turns. Over all you’ve done a terrific piece of writing. I also enjoyed your character development.
    Great Job!
    PS. I purchased the othe two books in your trilogy today.

  • Joseph Lallo

    Thank you very much. I’m very happy that you enjoyed the first book, and I hope that you enjoy the rest of the story just as much. It is a tremendous shot in the arm for my confidence whenever someone takes the time to share some kind words about my books. Thanks for reading!

  • Dee Dee Daus

    Loved The Book of Deacon!! I’m a big Eragon, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, & Twilight fan and I see something really amazing developing here.
    I’d like to see Myranda & Deacon have a set of twins with amplified powers.
    I’d like to create the art for you.

  • Joseph Lallo

    Thanks, I’m glad you liked the books! Since I don’t know how far into the series you are, I’ll hold off on commenting about Myranda, Deacon, and their potential future, but I will say that I’m always glad to see art related to the books, so if you get the creative urge to draw something in the universe, feel free to pass it along.

  • Dan Emmerich

    I just finished The Battle of Verril, and I have to say that your work was as entertaining to me as anything I have read from Brandon Sanderson, Terry Goodkind, and Robert Jordan. Great characters, good and evil. Specifically, I appreciated the fact that your books all did a great job of balancing descriptive narrative and pacing, which in fantasy writing is a difficult and rare feat. I blew through the trilogy about as quickly as anything I have read in years. The books are family-friendly, which is an added bonus. I’m now passing it on to my 13 year old son, who I know will enjoy it as much as I did.

    Keep up the great work, and I am very much looking forward to reading some of your other works.

  • Joseph Lallo

    Hi Dan, thanks for the comment. I’m extremely pleased to know that you’ve enjoyed my stories, and I’m particularly proud that you’ve shared the stories with your son. I sincerely hope he enjoys them, and thank you for reading!

  • Cara

    I loved the book of Deacon Trilogy!! I couldn’t stop reading them, and finished all three in a week! It just left me wanting more so I am so glad to see that you are going to continue with this setting and the characters. I hope to see more of Myranda and Lain together as she seemed to become very important to someone who doesn’t allow that to happen. I have even gotten my 9 year old hooked on the books and she is in the middle of the first one. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

  • Joseph Lallo

    Thanks, I’m glad you loved the trilogy! I’m afraid the new book takes place prior to meeting Myranda, but I do intend to revisit Myranda and the others eventually. Thanks for the comment!

  • JanaMarga

    Hey Jo!! So, I just finished reading the ARC from The Rise of the Red Shadow. ***Fantastic***. Of course, Im going to review it -Im not a pro at reviews, but I like to comment on the books I read-. Let me know if you want me to post a review anywhere here on the page, if you want / allow me to post it on Goodreads/Amazon or if you prefer for me to just e-mail it to you.

    Just another amazing work from a fantastic author. I really enjoyed it. **and want more**. 🙂

  • Joseph Lallo

    I’m glad you enjoyed the story! You can review it wherever you like, though I’d request that you avoid/label spoilers if you can, and perhaps mention that you received a review copy as part of a giveaway (just so people don’t get curious about how you’re reviewing an unreleased book). The Amazon page won’t be up until the day of release, but wherever you decide to review it, let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • Lauren

    Amazing books! I find it hard to focus on doing anything except reading when a new book comes out. Keep sharing your amazing gift!

  • stephan

    *** SPOILERS ***
    Lain lain lain…hes suffered way to much not to have some semblance of a happy ending. He has to be alive. Yes theres the whole prophecy of a champion dying and as I recall myn did die fulfilling that part of the prophecy. If anyone deserves a proper and and happy ending its lain

  • Joseph Lallo

    *** SPOILERS ***
    I’ll agree I’m rather rough on my characters, and Lain gets the worst of it. I’ve received many pleas from fans to bring him back, some of them including their own suggestions of how it could occur. (I even got the first few chapters of a fan-fic that was largely centered on his return.) There are a number of plausible ways to bring him back, based on what we’ve already seen in the setting.

  • Ethan

    Lain doesn’t deserve a happy ending. He is my favorite character and these are my favorite books. I am a very pessimistic person and i love sad tragic endings. Lain dying is part of what separates Joseph Lallo from most writers. He knows when and what to write. He knows when to make sad endings and happy ones. that is the beauty of literature. You get to create and live in your own fantasy and that is what Joseph Lallo gives us the opportunity to do.

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