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  • John Rogalski

    Being an Engineer I really do not read fiction,But I was looking around at Amazon and found the Book of Deacon for free. Well, I not only read thaat novel in two days, but purhased the rest of the series and read all three over the weekend.

    I sincerely yyou hope to continue as I am waiting for your next novels.


  • Joseph Lallo

    Hey, a fellow Engineer! Yes, I must say that, regardless of my intention when entering a bookstore, I tended to walk out with non-fiction, particularly during college. The balance has started to shift pretty sharply toward fiction these days, particularly since discovering Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. I’m working on continuing these novels, but I’ve got a few thousand more words to go on my next Sci Fi novel first. Thanks for the comment!

  • Laura

    I was looking through the free books on amazon and found The Book of Deacon. I quickly consumed this book and bought the next two. I went though the next two in a day each… They are wonderful! I since have gotten my mom and girlfriend to start reading them. Congrats you made it into my top 5 favorite books, and I have read thousands! Please continue with these charecters, I loved them!

  • Joseph Lallo

    The top five out of thousands! Wow! I’m really glad you like the books so much, and I hope that the others enjoy them, too. I’ll definitely give these characters another book or two, but it might be a little while. Until then, thanks for reading!

  • Steve

    I also downloaded this book for free like the two fellows above me, however I got it from Barnes & Noble. I will be honest, when I first got began the book I thought it was a single title that would end up being little more than an afternoon distraction. How wrong I was. within the first hundred pages, I was very interested in your main character and the seemingly abstract back story. At times the plot and minor details became a little obscure, but the things that really stood out were your characters. I read many books, and you have made some of the most noteworthy and passionate characters I have seen in a long time. I often found myself sharing Myranda’s fondness (then confusion and rage) at Leo, as well as a sadness for Deacon near the end. I am quite glad this was not a stand alone book (even though I did not know that until the very end, good job with this book’s ending by the by), and am eagerly awaiting when I can buy the next two. Bravo, Mr. Lallo.

  • Joseph Lallo

    Hi! Thanks for the kind words. I was just winding down for the night when I got the notification of this comment. I’m glad you liked the book, and I’m proud that you think so highly of my characters. I’m pleased to say that the remainder of the trilogy is available right now on the Kindle, Nook, and elsewhere. If you decide to purchase them, I hope you enjoy the rest of the story! Thanks for reading.

  • Debra Rogan

    I very much enjoyed the book. There are still some minor grammatical or typing errors, but thankfully few (one such is waste instead of waist about 7/8 of the way through the book); at any rate, if you’d like, I will write a longer personal email with comments.

    Job well done & thank you,

  • Joseph Lallo

    Hi! I’m glad you enjoyed the book. Thanks for the heads up on the error. You can certainly feel free to send me an email with more comments, if you like. Thanks for reading.

  • Stuart Jack


    Book of Decon

    Very quick note to say thank’s for providing my reading entertainment for the last couple of weeks, I downloaded the book from Amazon for free and therefore did not have great expectations; I was very pleasantly surprised to discover a great new writer and therefore great story.

    I have even been reading the book at work during lunch on my iPhone, that was how much I wanted to devour the story, now I am going online to look for the next in the trilogy.

    Thanks again


  • Joseph Lallo

    Hi! I’m glad you enjoyed the book, and that I defied your expectations for a free book. Silly as it may sound, I don’t own a dedicated eReader, so I do most of my reading of my book and others on my phone, too. That’s one of the great things about eBooks, they are extremely flexible. Thanks for reading!

  • Lyria

    Greeting Master Wordsmith!

    I must say that i stumbled upon a very interesting find perchance and grew so desperately engrossed in it that i forgot all time and space for the better part of 24hours, deprived myself of slumber twice until i had greedily devoured every last word of the first of the tale of Myranda… i daresay, i have read books…and then i have read BOOKS. rarely in the world of fiction does one find something as unique and startlingly real as the one you have forged. You have my admiration and respect. Being a writer myself (though sorely out of practice due to mundane necessities of life) i thought that you might better be able to make use of some intellectual property i had long since given up on. Please kindly view my website, as i’m sure you would appreciate that it took the better part of two years to complete – though it still remains unfinished. perhaps therein may lie a glimmer of something special, or even a glowing ember of something that once proved useful enough to revive…

  • Joseph Lallo

    Hi! Thanks for the praise. I’m glad you enjoyed the books. I’m going to reply in greater detail with an email, but that’s quite a site. It is a shame the activity has tapered off.

  • Veronica

    Thank you for writing such an amazing book series. They caught my eye when I was searching out new books for my new kindle, the book of decons cover caught my attention. I am glad to say it was one the best books I have read in a long time. I have now recommended your books to many other people, a few of my coworkers are reading it now and have said they too will recommend to many other people.
    The first book was great, I just couldn’t stop reading it I realized after the first day that it was a book I just had to finish so I started reading every chance I could spare.
    I just finished the second book and let me just say your do leave a great cliff hanger which has me wanting to finish the series today.
    Can’t wait to see what is to come in the third book and hopefully many more stories from you in the future.

  • Joseph Lallo

    Thank YOU for reading! That IS one eye catching cover, huh! It is the wallpaper on my phone right now. I appreciate the support, and thanks for spreading the word! I hope you enjoy the rest of the trilogy.

  • Virginia kellogg

    I sent a comment but I dont know if it went through soo I also stumbled upon this free book of deacon Leary because it was free I have paid top dollar for books on my nook to be highly irked as the book didn’t meet my expectations .But not this free book . I bought the next two and the by product jade. I had sleepless nights , anger, suspense ,wonder , fear ,all of it ,Jade even produced tears, gonna get every book u write , thanks for giving this old lady a chance to get lost again

  • Joseph Lallo

    Thanks! I got the other comment, but always glad to get another. I really appreciate your kind words, and thanks for taking a chance on my books!

  • James

    I have never been a big reader but I spent a lot if time in the airport last week and had time to kill so I found your book for kindle and gave it a try I am 34 years old have never had a book I could wait to read or put down for that matter and I’ve never read a whole book in one week until now. I am lookIng forward to reading the rest of the series this is new territory for me so I wanted to say thank you


  • Joseph Lallo

    Hi James. Thanks! I’m really glad that you like the book, and that it helped you pass some otherwise dreary airport time. Hopefully you enjoy the rest. Thanks for the comment!

  • Benson

    Hi Mr. Joseph, so to give you a picture of what kind of people makes up your audience; I’m an 18 year old student from Qc, Canada. I really admire your work, actually I’ve downloaded all the books off iTunes after the first hundred pages or so. Only thing I can say; I would honestly pay a lot more for this, heck, somebody should make a Book of Deacon comic book, I’m having some ideas about it (as so with a lot of other books), but I respect the authors and their work and never got my pencil to draw … Anyways, you should set up an online store and sell hard cover, paper versions of the Trilogy, I would gladly add thus selection to my shelf; I’m too young to have a library. 🙂

  • Joseph Lallo

    Hi! I’m really glad to hear you enjoyed my books so much! You are actually the first person to suggest a comic book, which I have to admit would be really cool! Considering the amount of time and money it cost me to have art made, though, I have a feeling that something like that won’t happen unless a publisher or artist approaches me. If you’ve got some ideas for drawings based on the books, feel free to draw them. At the very least I’d gladly put them up on my artwork page. I appreciate your willingness to pay more for the series. I actually just finished a paperback copy just a few days ago, which is now available on (I’ll add the link to the books page.) Paperbacks of the rest of the trilogy SHOULD be available by the end of the year. Hardcovers are still on the “maybe” list.

    Thanks for reading!

  • John Middleton

    Just to let you know that I have just finished The Battle of Verril and was again totally immersed in the story.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Jocelyn

    I can’t convey in words how happy I was to have stumbled across your book!! Like the others above, I downloaded it free from amazon for what i thought would be some light reading and was immediately drawn into your story. You captured me through your choice of words, your thought out characters and the amazing story you created with these elements. I love fiction for the mere fact of slipping away into a different reality, and you sir were the first person to literally ( and excuse my language) piss me off when the narrarator returns indicating the end of the beginning 😉 I’m on my way to purchase the next piece of the story and once again get lost in myranda’s adventures 🙂 thank you for your addition to my collection of amazing creativity and for adding another talented author to my must reads <3 I look forward to your work!


  • Joseph Lallo

    Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the first book, and I really hope you enjoy the rest of the story. I appreciate all of your kind words, and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Enjoy the rest of the tale!

  • michael carey

    Powerful, captivating and inviting into a new world. At 56 I am surprised that I could once again be brought so invitingly into a new realm of magic, populated by characters of depth. I have just finished the Deacon, which I downloaded free from amazon and will now purchase the next two books. Thank you.

  • Joseph Lallo

    Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the book, and I really appreciate you giving the rest of the trilogy a try. I hope you like the rest of the story!

  • Tina

    I enjoyed this book and will be buying the remaining two. The only suggestion I would make is better editing. I know spell check does not know the difference between two correctly spelled words, but humans should. The abundance of issues pulls me from the story. Making me skip back to see if I read something wrong. I wish there was a way to immediately mark these and let the appropriate people know to fix them. Thank you for your efforts, and your stories.

  • Joseph Lallo

    Hi. I’m sorry about the lackluster grammar. It is an ongoing battle for me, trying to sift out the remaining errors. Thanks for picking up the remaining books. Hopefully the next two books are less error filled. Thanks for reading.

  • Vanessa

    Almost done with Book of Deacon. Thoroughly enjoying it. I do not have kindle and i am trying to order your next two books but only see downloadable versions. Are the next books due to release as paperback or hardcover any time soon??

  • Joseph Lallo

    Hi! Thanks so much for picking up my book as a paperback! The paperbacks for Books 2 and 3 are in the works, there is just a bit of artwork and formatting left to be done. With any luck, I should have them ready to purchase in a few weeks. I’ll definitely do a post/tweet/facebook post about the next release.

  • Tara

    I absolutely adored the book of deacon trilogy.

    First, let me say that I had basically given up hope to find a book in the free section that could even hold my attention beyond the first couple of pages. Finding your books has put faith back into my heart that there are authors out there that, though not traditionally published, CAN actually write. I loved the complexity of the characters, the way they came together, the ending.
    You managed to write a trilogy that deserves to be published as “real” books – to stand on bookshelves and be read by thousands. I sincerely hope you continue writing; specifically in this genre. Do not be disheartened by rejections; they are thoroughly undeserved.

    Best wishes, Tara

  • Joseph Lallo

    I’m so glad to hear you say that. As I’m sure is the case with many authors, particularly indie authors, confidence is a continuing problem for me. Knowing that my story stands out to some as an example of what an indie book should be is profoundly rewarding. I really appreciate the comment, and I’ll continue to do my best to write stories worthy of such praise.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Dee

    Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the first book in the series being free on kindle. I downloaded it, and initially in the first chapter was wondering what it was going to be like, because the beginning was really slow, but I can never leave a book unread after starting it. Soon enough, I couldn’t put the book down, and bought the other two immediately. All three books were finished in four days, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was absolutely captivating and jam packed with action in different forms all the way through. I have not enjoyed a series like that since reading Raymond E Feist.
    You are a master in this genre, and despite people complaining about editing, it really was not nearly as bad as some books I have read, where the editing is non existent.

    Best wishes for the future, I am holding thumbs there will be a follow up book
    Thanks for a brilliant read
    x Dee

  • Joseph Lallo

    Hi. Thank YOU for giving my book a chance. As I’ve said elsewhere, I made the first book free because I realize that I’m a largely unproven author, so I wanted there to be as little risk as possible in giving my books a try. It is great to know that you felt that reading my books was a worthwhile experience. Thank you very much for your kind words. I do intend to expand the series in every direction I can muster, from far in the history of the setting to far in the future, and yes, as a direct sequel as well. With any luck, each will come along eventually.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Andy

    It really was a masterstroke to make the first book free – I had bought the next two before I was halfway through, and intend to snap up your other books in due course.
    Very enjoyable, easy reading, slowly introducing new characters and new places – it doesn’t matter it’s a bit formulaic if it’s good, and people like the formula.
    (That was meant to sound much more of a compliment than it came out as, but I’m sure you understand what I mean)

  • Joseph Lallo

    Thanks, I’m glad you liked the story. No offense taken regarding the “formulaic” statement. As far as I’m concerned, you need to follow a certain amount of formula just to fit into a genre. My story is pretty standard fare, but I’m happy with how it came out, and I’m pleased to know that you’re happy with it too. Thanks for reading!

  • Joseph Lallo

    Thanks for the heads up. It seems that Smashwords and Kobo are having some issues with getting their listings straight. It should show back up in a few weeks.

  • Marcin

    I am big fan of fantasy and SF and I have reed hundreds of them. My first language is polish and the “Book of Deacon” was my second book read in English. Not to mention that firs one was “Microsoft CRM 3.0 Database Management”.
    I am so pleased! What a choice … can’t wait to start reading second one and third and so on…. Excellent work! Big thank you for your hard work. Any plans to get books translated? I would love to get some of my geeky friends to read it.

  • Joseph Lallo

    Hi Marcin. I’m glad you enjoyed the book, and I hope you enjoy the others as well. I’m afraid as an indie writer I haven’t really got the resources to do translations, but I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to it. A small publisher has purchased the Bulgarian translation rights, and there has been interest in German translation rights as well, so it is definitely a possibility that one day it will be available in polish.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Shannon Darr

    I was searching almost religiously for free fiction books on amazon (I can’t afford to buy at the moment) and I saw “The Book of Deacon” for free. It made my day! Two thumbs way up for an awesome story with awesome characters. Now I just need money to buy the rest of the series (haha).

  • Joseph Lallo

    I’m glad you enjoyed the story! As I always say, if you haven’t got the cash for the rest of the books, has the first half of each for free. And you can always try sending me an email. From time to time I get generous.

  • Olivia Jones

    After listlessly scrolling through hundreds of books on Amazon that just did not seem worth my time, I found one that instantly caught my eye. (Okay, maybe it helped that it was free). Anyways, I began reading and had fairly low expectations. I literally DEVOURED this book. Something about it just sucked me in, and I literally could not read it fast enough. I read it while eating, brushing my teeth, driving (maybe that’s an exaggeration), and while lying in bed at the most ungodly hours as my sleep deprived body begged me to stop but my mind just HAD to know what happened to Myranda!
    All of that to say, I am now on the second book of the trilogy and the fourth night of staying up far too late because I’m a tad obsessed.
    Seriously, thank you for writing such interesting books. I’m going through a very challenging and stressful time in my life right now, and your books have given me a world to escape to and a place to relax and enjoy myself. What a gift you have. These are the types of stories that inspire me to pursue my own writing. These are the types of stories that remind me of why I love to read. Thank you!

  • Joseph Lallo

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! I’m proud that I’ve written a story that could capture your interest and give you an escape from the troubles of the day for a while. I hope you enjoy it from beginning to end. Thanks for reading!

  • Brian

    I have read all of the Deacon books and loved them. I would really like to see more Please tell me you are planning to continue the series!

  • Joseph Lallo

    Hi. I’m definitely planning to write more. There will be two short stories showing up eventually (I say eventually because they will probably end up in anthologies which someone else will be releasing, so I don’t have a release date). I also plan on writing one or more direct sequels to the trilogy, and I’ve got plans for a whole second trilogy set long after Jade. All I need to do is find the time.

  • jkuci

    Joseph, I am new fan of your books and have bought everything you have currently available.

    Your characterizations are excellent as are your descriptive settings and story progression.

    I will be looking for any new works you author so to snap them up and read them quietly in a cozy corner.

  • Joseph Lallo

    Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying the stories. I’ve got a few due out this year. I’ll definitely keep everyone posted as they make it to market.

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