Science Fiction

Bypass Gemini

Unstable Prototypes


  • Mr Lee R Hubbard

    I really REALLY enjoyed both these books! Even with the second reading!!! I expectantly hope that you plan on continuing the trials and tribulations of Lex and Scree (the Funk). Your characters fall in a like style of Allen Dean Forester and his Flinx series, which I just couldn’t put down. Yours is a gift of spinning a yarn, but keeping it simple, without being overly wordy in the descriptive nature of other writers. I anticipate another installment of your science fiction side.

  • Joseph Lallo

    I’m glad you enjoyed my sci-fi. I’m actually working on the third book right now. It keeps getting shoved aside for other shorter projects, but I hope to finish it later this year. Thanks!

  • Gary Matthews

    I really enjoyed these two books!!!
    I’m kind of bummed I have to wait for the third book.
    Can I be notified when the next book is available?
    These books are very difficult to put down once you start reading them!
    These two books are just the type of sci-do I enjoy reading.

    Thank you for sharing your imagination with me,


  • Joseph Lallo

    Thanks, I’m glad you liked them! If you follow me on twitter or head over to the contact page and subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll certainly hear about the new books as they come out. I was just working on Sci-fi 3 this morning, but it’s been a back burner project for a while. I’ll be getting back to it full time pretty soon, though!

  • alnewburg

    Absolutely Loved all three books, couldn’t put them down, just finished the third today!
    are you going to be coming out with a forth and will you possibly continue the big sigma series almost as much as your other series?!
    it would be awesome to learn more about characters like Dr Dee, and possibly to have some exploration into the whole concept of Ma being an Ai in a mechanical body (you wrote that Dee had created one in Unstable Prototypes 😛 (bit nerdy)).

    Love The Big Sigma series especially!
    – Al

  • Joseph Lallo

    Hi Al! I’m so glad you liked my sci-fi! I will indeed be coming out with a fourth book. Depending on how quickly I can get my current Book of Deacon project finished I’ll probably be working on Big Sigma 4 by the end of the year. At this point, while it isn’t the earner that my fantasy series is, it is definitely a major series for me.

    After briefly shifting the focus toward Silo and Garotte for Artificial Evolution, I think it is safe to say Ma at the very least will be showing up in a greater capacity again in Big Sigma 4 (Which may or may not be called Temporal Contingency). As for whether we’ll see a robot body: No comment.

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