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Character Interview: Lain

This was a tricky one to write. A lot of the other characters would be perfectly willing to be interviewed. In order to answer all of the questions asked it would have to take place toward the end of the Trilogy, and let’s face it, Lain during the trilogy isn’t the sort of character who… Read more »

Between: 8

Here we go, in an installment quite likely to be overshadowed by the announcement later today, the continuing adventures of Philo. — “This isn’t so bad,” Philo said, glancing around his home for the time being. His encounter with the adorable but psychotic creature they called The Overseer had left him shaken and bleeding, but… Read more »

Between: 7

I almost didn’t get this one done in time. Had some unexpected life stuff come, and some expected stuff that took longer than… expected. Anyway, here it is, Between: Episode 7. This is the chapter where I finally introduce one of the obligatory elements of a Lallo Story. — “What’s this test for again?” Philo asked breathlessly…. Read more »

Between: 5

Another Between! I wasn’t sure people were actually interested in these, but the Facebook Fan Page set me straight on that. It still isn’t clear to me where exactly this story is going, but it’s definitely going somewhere! — Philo, with little else to do, sat in the chair of his capsule with his head… Read more »

Between: 4

I almost didn’t make it, but here it is, the fourth episode. I’m going to have to remember to do at least one more post each week so these things don’t dominate the front page. — “No, no. It isn’t really magic,” Philo explained. “But how does its mouth move?” Right!Rill asked. The previous few… Read more »

Between: 3

Here’s episode three! I had to deal with the issue of how to refer to the individual heads of a three-headed character. Hopefully I picked a clear method. — Philo Middleton’s memory was still very hazy. He couldn’t remember anything specific that had happened to him prior to waking up in a high-tech capsule. Regardless,… Read more »

Between: 2

As promised, here’s the next episode of between. Head bonking and new character included. If you missed it, here’s Episode 1. I’ve already got most of the next one finished. — Philo scratched his head as he looked out the door of his capsule. If he’d sat down and made a list of the things… Read more »

Between: 1

Hello there! Recently I started what I called “The Bad Idea Exercise,” in which I would write big long things that I knew I could never use, mostly because they were horribly contradictory to established canon, or because they were involving plot-lines that I’d dropped. I realized that doing so was actually sort of a waste of… Read more »

Character Interview: Ma

I’m working on the next sci-fi book right now, and to be honest I’m having trouble getting into the flow of it. To try to get the juices flowing, I decided to do a character interview with Ma, the sci-fi character with the most questions from the character interview survey. As is the case with… Read more »

Character Interview: Ayna

A while back I introduced the new interview survey. I got a lot of great questions for Deacon, and one very distinctive question for Ayna, the fairy. After noting that character interviews would go live only after a given character has received enough questions,  someone stuffed the ballot box with a dozen Ayna questions. It turns out… Read more »