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The Story of Sorrel

Hi, everybody! Today, I’m happy to announce the release of The Story of Sorrel! If you have followed my writing for any amount of time,  you’ll know who Sorrel is. (If you haven’t followed my writing until recently, this is an excellent way to get into the story, as it stands alone fairly well.) Sorrel… Read more »

The Best Possible Restaurant Experience

I was recently on a trip. My friends and I attended our tenth PAX East video game convention. It was a lot of fun, as it always is, but the organizers couldn’t compete with the dining experience we had on the way home. Let me set the scene. The trip involved four of my friends…. Read more »

The Story of Sorrel Pre-Order

Hi folks! Check this out! tl;dr: The Story of Sorrel is available for Pre-Order! It’ll be out April 9th. Cover by Nick Deligaris (as if you didn’t know) Fun fact, I tend to have at least one story in a file labeled “Travel Notes.” When I’m riding on the train or (more rarely) flying on… Read more »

Indra Station Release!

Hey, folks! I’ve said it everywhere else, so I’ll make it quick here. Indra Station is available now! Racing. Crime. Space. Weather. All four literary food groups, folks!  

Indra Station and other Late Updates

Boy, oh boy. It seems like I hardly ever update this web page. Time to correct that. What’s been going on? First up, the stuff you’d care about. Indra Station Speaking of things that are long overdue, Indra Station, fifth installment to the Big Sigma series, is available for Pre-Order now! Cover by Nick Deligaris… Read more »

Big Announcements!

Hi folks! Once again I continue the disturbing tendency to make my personal website the last place I announce things. (This is an excellent reason to sign up for the newsletter, by the way.) But better late than never! Let’s get into this. First and foremost! The Inevitable Patreon! A few days ago, I launched… Read more »

The Best of Joseph R. Lallo

I’ve got a brand new bundle at StoryBundle right now. It’s called the Best of Joseph R. Lallo Bundle So many books! If you’re not familiar with StoryBundle, they’re a site that curates collections of books and makes them available for a limited time at a price of your choosing. If you hit certain levels,… Read more »

Cipher Hill is out now!

Hi! I’ll make it a quick one. You can buy Cipher Hill now! It is the fifth story in the Free-Wrench saga, and it is available wherever eBooks are sold!

New Stuff!

Let’s see. I haven’t updated the site in… four months!? Bad Jo. BAD JO! Boy, I’ve got some stuff to go over, huh? Cipher Hill The most important announcement is the pre-order of Cipher Hill! Newsletter subscribers already know about this, but I’d best put it here for latecomers and lookee-loos.  Cover, as always, by Nick Deligaris… Read more »

Sci-Fi Series Bundle

Hello, folks! As you may know, from time to time I am lucky enough to be called upon by Jason over at StoryBundle to curate something. The most recent such bundle is a real doozy, and it’s going to run from today to Feb. 1st! I present to you the Sci-Fi Series Bundle! I’m calling this… Read more »