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Quantum Shift, Available Now!

The seventh adventure of Lex and the gang, check out a world-jumping adventure today!

The Bygone Way

Here’s a quick one. The Bygone Way, book six of The Greater Lands Saga, is available now! This is intended to be the final book in the series, though some of the early readers have suggested I might have to throw in a seventh, for reasons. Here’s the blurb! When the world gets smaller, enemies… Read more »

The Bygone Plague!

It seems like these blog posts are suffering from larger and larger gaps. Gotta get my act together. But while my promotional chops are eroding, I’m still writing like a busy little bee. Evidence? A NEW BOOK RELEASE! The Bygone Plague is available on Amazon today! This is the fifth and (what was planned to… Read more »

Free-Wrench Sale and Pre-Order

Hi everyone! I’d been holding off on announcing most of this, because Amazon has not added the cover to the sales page yet, but I’m through waiting! Contaminant Six, the latest (and last?) book in the Free-Wrench series, is available for pre-order. The Release Date is Sept. 8th, and supporters of the Novel level of… Read more »

The Coin of Kenvard Release

I’ll start with the short version. The Coin of Kenvard is available now! Pick it up wherever ebooks are sold. Here’s the cover. Frequently these posts begin with me addressing something that long-time fans of mine will already know. Considering this is book six of my very first series, something tells me the only people… Read more »

Social Distancing List

Hey, folks! Right about now we’re all supposed to hunker down and keep infection risk from the COVID-19 to a minimum. For us author types, that’s par for the course. But some of you may be hard up for cash and going a little stir crazy. Thus, I decided it might be worth giving folks… Read more »

The Coin of Kenvard Pre-Order

A nice quick update for you folks! The Coin of Kenvard, the sixth Main Series book in the Book of Deacon Saga, is available for pre-order now. Wide release is on April 16th, and “Novel Supporters” of my Patreon get it on April 1st. In the wake of the Perpetual War, the world cannot afford… Read more »

Paradoxes, Dragons, and Audio

Hey folks! Got some exciting news for you. If you’re a fan, but you haven’t had the money or the notion to support my Patreon, you’ve been missing out on at least one short story (and as much as a full novella) every month. I promised, way back when I started the Patreon, I wouldn’t… Read more »

The Q&A Video

Since I sort of buried the link, here’s the video I recorded! And here are the notes I took on the answers.

Because It Needed To Be Said

This is a little bit of a personal thing. If you’re a fan, feel free to read it, but this isn’t really for you. This is for my friends and myself. It is long, detailed, and mostly serves as something of a record of an incredibly touching moment, as well as a snapshot of a… Read more »