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April Fools: Hitting the Grindstone

Joseph Lallo yawned and looked at the clock. It was just before dawn. His alarm would go off soon. The first early morning of his first day back to work. He’d expected to dread this day, but there was a dash of excitement to it. Like the first day of school after summer vacation. It… Read more »

The Underground Comics Bundle

Hey folks! I’ll give you the tl;dr up front. For the next three weeks or so, you can support artists, donate to charity, and get a stack of great comics at StoryBundle via The Underground Comics Bundle. Okie doke! So way back in 2019 I got the idea for doing a webcomic/underground comic bundle. I’m… Read more »

A Word About Growth

This is a thought that has been on my mind lately, so I thought I’d say a few words about it. I’ll attempt to avoid spoilers below, but there will be discussion of The Book of Deacon Series in general and the character of the Red Shadow in particular. If you have not finished reading… Read more »

Big Sigma Collection and Other Plans

Hey, folks! We’ll start with the main thing. Now that The Bygone Caper is out there and its follow-up is almost done, I’m checking off the other things in my year’s to-do list. First up, The Big Sigma Collection: Volume 2. By now, you know the drill. Just like The Book of Deacon Anthology: Volume… Read more »

The Bygone Caper Released!

Just a quick update! If you’ve been enjoying the Greater Lands Saga, book 4 is available now! It’s called The Bygone Caper, and it follows the Masker Family as they deal with the consequences of being just a bit more enterprising than the local nobles would like.

April Fools 2022: Casting Call

Guy Smith nudged open the door to the rehearsal space and backed into the room. These days most of the script work was done with tablets and such, but he found he still preferred paper scripts so that he and the performers could make notes on them, so his arms were loaded down with over… Read more »

Some Brief Updates

In an attempt to post more often, and generally keep you folks tighter in the loop of what I’m up to, I figured it would be wise to share my current project status. Now that the release of The Book of Deacon Anthology 2 is complete, an The Bygone Caper (Greater Lands 4) is off… Read more »

Long Time, No Post!

Hey, been a while, huh? I don’t really have an excuse, except I guess that the world has been swallowed by a global pandemic and a handful of personal disasters and general burnout made me have not good brain time. BUT ENOUGH EXCUSES! Here’s a little rundown of the doin’s what’ve been transpirin’. Exclusive releases!… Read more »

The Bygone Dagger release!

After a weirdly long development cycle, The Bygone Dagger has finally released! It’s Amazon exclusive at the moment, and for now it’s just 99 cents!

New Book Announcement: The Bygone Dagger!

More information in a couple weeks when it actually releases, but I’m happy to announce the pre-order and release date of The Bygone Dagger (The Greater Lands Saga 1). This is my first venture back into long form Epic Fantasy since The Book of Deacon. The release date is June 23rd, 2021. Here’s the blurb!… Read more »